GoGo Weekly: Aug 27th, 2022

Welcome to ANOTHER exciting edition of GO GO WEEKLY where I dump everything creative that I made in the last week in one convenient place for everybody (who reads this blog) to see! First things first: the REDRAW VIDEO!

Sometimes the redraws don’t turn out much better than the original! haha. I think I made some improvements, but honestly, as soon as I added the red ink I should have just left it alone. Sometimes the vision doesn’t quite pan out… IT just turns out to be a big ol’ mess, not to mention that the anatomy on the rider didn’t get that much better. But whatever- it was a lot of fun.

This, on the other hand, is a drawing (and drawing video) that I’m proud of:

I recently rewatched through every episode of Gurren Lagann- it’s a robot anime where love inspires willpower that powers big robots, then they battle against despair and an uncaring and nihilistic universe. If you think that sentence is a lot to take, well, the show is basically gratuitous in every way- the dialogue, the animation style, the fan-service, the fights, the plot, it’s all so over-the-top but unironically so, it just leans into it, and I LOVE IT. I cry like every three episodes. I drew this pic of Lagaan (the main robot) from a still taken from the anime’s intro, and i think the drawing turned out great. The show has a bit of a sketchy look when it gets inense, so my unpolished drawing style is up for the task! I put a shorter version of this video on instagram if you’re interested in watching, but not in watching for 10 mins.

The reason I watched through this anime for likely the 5th time is because I’m trying to figure out why it resonates with me so strongly! And for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. There’s just so much going on, all wrapped up in every immature anime trope you can think of, but also being super awesome and hyper-energetic. I guess i like it because it demonstrates how, when all hope is lost, when life feels meaningless or impossible, you’re not alone – you just gotta PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR DRILL, you know? No? Well watch the anime and it’ll make sense. Maybe. Actually it doesn’t make any sense, but it sure feels like it does.

Of course, other than watching anime and making some art videos, I also had some time to do what this here site has ALWAYS been about doing… I made some COMICS! Huzzah!

Three out of the four comic strips I made have ‘look at this specific number’ as a part of its gag. I guess I had numbers on the brain? The hot dog one is one of my favourites I’ve made in a long time, jam-packed with dumb little side jokes.

Other than that, I participated in a couple art challenges. One prompt from Cloudscape, which was to make something related to our summer, and one from the art community at uSask which was to draw something related to the prompt, “Ice Cream”. Both were fun!

(That’s FOLK fest, just in case my printing sucks and you read it so that it looks like my bro headlined some sort of wildly inappropriate endeavour)

Of course, I also like to draw for the sheer fun of it! Like this bad boy:

I’m still getting used to drawing on the new Huion tablet and I want to make a video about it actually, but these days the portability of the iPad Pro is definitely winning out over the desk-ridden Huion. There just isn’t a whole lot of time in the summer where I’m sitting at my desk with spare time! But winter is coming and I’ll have tons of desk time soon enough.

I think that’s it! But I’ll leave yah with this sweet sweet pic of Lagann, again, because I LOVE how it turned out!