GoGo Weekly: Friday, Aug 12th, 2022!

Ah yes! Time for a (late) weekly update! Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll get back on a bit of a regular update schedule soon, but thanks so much for reading!

I’ll likely start up doing art tutorial videos again more regularly in the fall- I realized that if school is out for the summer, then my teacher buddies don’t get to utilize the videos as a part of their class, etc etc. But that’s only a few weeks away. I might do a few format changes, we’ll see!

Last week I got the urge to make a couple of cartoons! People familiar with my ‘cartoon voice’ may think to themselves “HEY! That sounds like grape and square.” Yes, yes it does. But it isn’t. It’s the mice! two mice in fact. If you have a question you’d like to ask the mice you should- I can only make them if people ask questions for them to answer! haha. Send me an email: OR to send in a video of your questions!

I also got around to making some sweet sweet comics!

As well, I’ve been spending QUITE A BIT of time uploading my archives to webtoon. I’d like to reach a larger audience if possible, and that seems to be one of the ways to do it! So if you’d like a hand-selected topical archive dive of GOGOMACHROCKETSHEEP in your webtoon queue, click here and check it out! I’ll be posting there every week day.

Thanks so much for reading my stuff! As always, if you like supporting my cartooning, the best way is just to tell your friends about the stuff that I make. You could also buy a book if you’d like!

Thanks again and we’ll see yah next time!