GoGo Weekly: Sept 26th, 2022

This week’s LET’S DRAW was a challenge at every level- NO ERASING. Those of you who have seen my videos know that I am a big fan of erasing! BUT! I am also a big fan of drawing from imagination and sometimes that means using a sketch layer to figure out where you want stuff to go. BUT! This week I thought “let’s draw EVERYTHING from reference” and NEVER. EVER. ERASE! Just commit to lines, you know? My old art teacher would get after me, saying “don’t make 50 little lines, just pick a line.” So that’s what we’re doing this week! And it was a lot of fun. Also, school supplies was a request! If you have a request you’d like to see done for these videos just let me know! Happy to oblige.

Other than that, I made some comics this week! HERE THEY ARE!

My chair is still busted. Every time I sit in it, there’s a massive shard of (what used to be) the arm support that juts into my back. AH WELL IT KEEPS ME AWAKE

It is. My bleak future IS because of my poorly articulated professional ethics- it’ll be the death of me. But that paper isn’t due for a while yet so there is still time to turn that ship around.

It is a REAL nice library though. The education library that is! It’s cozy and quiet. The big library isn’t quite as quiet but I’ve found a corner of it I enjoy.

This last one was drawn on my ReMarkable2 when I (you guessed it) forgot my iPad at home. Easy enough problem- sometimes when I’m rushing to get the kids out of the door, I forget the one thing i need to make the rest of the day happen.

I also got to hang out with a group of young adults and do some art games! I made a quick video about it, it was a lot of fun!

Thanks again for reading these comics! See ‘yall next week! 😀