Go Go Weekly: Sept 3rd, 2022

Here we are, another week of GO GO MACH ROCKET SHEEP! I didn’t make an art video last week, but probably starting this week, I’ll get back into making weekly art videos. The last one I made was BOOKS, and I know a bunch of schools are starting up again, so I’ll link that video here so it’s easy to find:

I’m looking forward to making these again more regularly! If you have suggestions for what you think would be good to draw, let me know and I’ll add it to the list! I’m going to do some format changes this year, so if you’ve been drawing along in years past and you notice stuff comes in a different order or the emphasis has shifted slightly, don’t fret- it’s still gonna be rad.

Here are the comics I made this week:

And last but not least, this little gem which I made for a Visual Arts Student Union prompt:

I felt like I didn’t get around to making that many comics this last week, but it looks like I made five so that’s pretty good. Classes officially started Thursday, which means syllabi for all but one of my classes has been made available, and… Well, I’m gonna be busy- stupid busy. But that’s good, gotta get that DEGREE you know? Usually when I’m busy is when I have the best ideas for comics, cause that’s when I don’t have time to actually make ’em. haha!

I would like to make some longer-form comics again. In the past I’ve dabbled in short story comics, like 5-20 pages of stand-alone story. It’s nice because I don’t have to wait for something funny to happen in real life before I can make a comic strip (although usually that’s just a jumping off point… my comics tend to be loosely based on stuff that may or may not have happened). So if you start to see less comics here every week, very likely it’s one of two things: I’m working on something longer form, or I’m working on school stuff. But I’ll AT LEAST make one art tutorial video every week, and now that I’m actually taking some art classes, I anticipate the quality will improve! haha

Anyways, thanks so much for reading! See yah next week.