GoGo Weekly: CORN

Welcome to the GoGo Weekly for Sunday, October 23rd! This week we’re drawing CORN! I didn’t expect corn to be that fun to draw, because it’s corn and corn is objectively the most boring of vegetables. Is it even a vegetable? Is it a grain? Nobody knows- corn is beyond scientific classification, that’s how boring it is. (yes, biofuel, glucose fructose, etc etc.)

But it was a lot of fun to draw! Especially the hard mode. I’ve been really enjoying the switch to real-media for my hard mode drawings. It’s fun to get those watercolour skills back! If you don’t want to watch the full video, here’s a short video timelapse of the watercolour painting of a kid eating corn:

I didn’t get to make as many comics as I hoped I could. I’ve been really enjoying making these HEROIC comics, check ’em out:

The best part about my current foray into education is how self-aware the profs are about the limitations of direct instruction, and yet it’s really the only way they can ensure that we’ve been shown all the specialized information needed to be considered worthy of a degree. The hope is, as adults, we can handle a lecture whereas kids really can’t… or at least, not as their main mode of instruction. That leads me to this: If you didn’t know, MOST of my comics (even the ones starring cartoon me!) take huge artistic liberties with facts. It wouldn’t be wise to think of them as accurate retellings. They’re meant for a quick laugh. They might be rooted in a situation, but 9/10 they are more like a recounting of my daydreams. You get it, I just wanted to make sure.

Anyhoo! Here is some archive dive:

Ahhh. I need to make more of these little short story comics. They’re so fun to read!

I came up with the idea for space-chuck about a year before “Star Trek: The Lower Decks” was announced. I guess ‘rip off star trek’ as an idea has been around for along time. ANYWAYS!

Thanks so much for reading! I’ll see yah next week!