GoGo Weekly: TOILETS!

This week, I decided to go to the ‘requests’ to pick the topic for the directed drawing video. Actually, most weeks, that’s what I do… but this week I went to that well and GOLD came up in the bucket. TOILETS! What a fun/funny thing to draw. Easy mode got needlessly complicated, Medium mode is a standard toilet, and Hard mode is a only-ink-no-pencils-or-erasing painting/drawing of a toilet, something I need to do more of in order to improve my brush work and on-the-fly perspective. I did a bit of isometric light, but it might be fun to show how to do isometric drawings properly!

I also made some comics this week:

These HEROIC comics get quite a few eyes on them on Reddit. It doesn’t really amount to anything other than me knowing lots of people are seeing and liking my comics, which is really cool. Also, I love making them! BUT! People that I know personally don’t tend to like them as much as my typical journal/auto-bio style comics, like this one:

Which leads me to a bit of a rant. It’s an old-man rant, so buckle up.

When I was a kid, the internet sort of sucked AND sort of ruled. It sucked because it was pretty difficult to find relevant information or entertaining content (search engines pre-google were HORRID)… but it sort of ruled because if you knew how to find stuff, you had cool community, rad content from creators you liked, and a nice addition to your life (Your friends would give you URL’s to check out IRL OMG). Often that meant bookmarking websites and joining weird message boards/communities, it was a bit hit-and-miss (and probably super sketchy). But it’s not like that anymore- the closest you can get to that is Reddit, and reddit is just as likely to be a really toxic experience as it is to be rewarding (which, yeah, come to think of it is basically what all of the internet used to be like). The nice thing about Reddit is if people like your stuff, they’re good about sharing it and giving credit and talking with you personally- It’s the central premise of the site, the democratization of the internet. But that also means, if they don’t like your stuff, you’ll have a slog of discouragement to work your way through. But at least you get a say in what you see! Twitter was the closest to what I’m sort of looking for out of the internet- follow people you like, see their stuff… but actually that hasn’t been true for a long while either, and we’ll see how long that remains true! Dave Kellett NAILED it in his comic. Everything’s just an algorithmically driven endless scroll of content I care JUST enough about to keep me scrolling, but that’s just another way to say that I don’t care about any of it. Contemporary Social media is a slot machine designed to keep me wasting time. ALL I WANT TO DO is share my comics, and see stuff made by people I want to follow. I want RSS feeds to come back! Give me an RSS feed reader app! Okay. Old man rant over.

It snowed this week, so here’s an on-theme archive dive:

Thanks so much for reading! See you next week.