GoGo Weekly: MICE!

This week’s Directed Drawing LET’S DRAW Art Video sees me return to an old ‘all digital’ strategy! For the last six months or so, I’ve been doing all the hard modes with real paper, pen, and paint. But I had to record this episode late at night and I couldn’t make the usual racket, so ALL DIGITAL IT IS! In fact, one of the reasons I got into making comics over and above making music is because it can be done quietly while my kids sleep.

These are the only two comics I got around to making last week! *GASP* and it was READING BREAK! I had WAY more free time than I normally would, so what’s the deal?! Well, first: We had a friend come visit for the long weekend. So good! And second, reading break is a good time to get a lot of school stuff done. I can hardly wait to share my writing here, but I think I do need to wait until after I’ve submitted it for my final portfolio and got a mark back. So, expect some short stories and poetry eventually!

Until then, here’s some archive dive:

Astro is a character I drew from the time I was a wee child. That being the case, there are some character quirks, such as the fact that his spaceship is actually a giant carrot, and the only joke I ever drew with him (and I probably drew it a hundred times) is that he puts on SPF 1000 sunscreen to survive a close encounter with the sun. I made this quick mini-comic to sell when I got a table at Vancaf many many many years ago- At that point in time, I had made many comic books that were big collections of my comics, but had nothing to offer someone who had like $1 to spend. If I recall, I think I sold like ten of them. ha!

Thanks so much for reading this week’s GO GO WEEKLY! See yah next week.