GoGo Weekly: SELFIES!

This week, Let’s Draw SELFIES! I thought it was sort of a fun idea for a theme, and it turns out that I was RIGHT. After making 74 of these videos, it’s actually sorta hard to find a theme I haven’t done already. We’ve got THIS week’s video, and then NEXT week’s video, after which I think I’ll take a little break until January! Thanks for watching these videos, and I hope you’ve had a good time drawing stuff!

I also made a video about my ReMarkable2 tablet. I originally purchased this device with the intention of making art on it, but it’s found more use in this weird niche space of being an amazing textbook/pdf reader/mark-upper. I DO still make art on it, because I’ll make art on anything given the chance, but I just find it so much more useful as a reader and note taking device. I still think it’s too expensive ($700! plus $5 a month after your first year!? maddness) but I guess the whole world is too expensive this week. Anyways, I just love making videos- and this was a fun one to make!

This was crunch week at university, with all of my final projects and my one final exam being due this week. And I’m DONE! …for like, three weeks. A welcome break! I made this comic in honour of that fact:

No, I didn’t crash. I was just driving around watching people slip and slide and it made me think of Initial D, which made me think of Tokyo drift, which made me think it’s just kinda funny how winter turns everybody into a drift racer whether they want to be or not. Also, it’s a bit of a pun, because you’re likely to find yourself in a snow drift if you’re not careful. Really it’s just sort of a cheap jab at the fact that it’s always a bit slick if you don’t have winter tires.

People at cloudscape were posting their Art VS Artist to the discord, and I figured I might as well jump in! It’s been a fun year of comic making and art drawing. Three of those panels are art I’ve made for ‘Let’s Draw’ videos, three of the panels are from comic strips I’ve made, and two of them are art I just made for the fun of it (the space station is drawn on my ReMarkable2, the sweater dude is drawn on my Huion which I also want to make a video of!). I started making ‘Let’s Draw’ videos for a few overlapping reasons, but one reason was to get myself drawing stuff I wouldn’t normally draw. It’s worked! haha. Corn kid is probably one of my favourite drawings/paintings I’ve ever done.

It was a light week for making comics, so here’s an archive dive:

Ahh what a fun trip down memory lane! Good times, good times.

Thanks so much for reading my comics, watching my videos, and keepin’ up with this blog! I’m excited to share my writing soon- I won’t share it as a part of these weekly updates, they will be their own post. So keep your eyes peeled! And thanks so much for reading! 😀

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