GoGo Weekly: ELFS!

This week, CHRISTMAS THEME! ELFS! ELFES? Elves? I don’t know how to spell it right. Elfs looks wrong, but it’s on the title card, so we’re sticking with it. I’m taking a bit of a break making art videos over the next couple of weeks- Christmas Break and whatnot! But art videos will return in January. I’m probably going to do more OTHER videos!

My final papers are over, the (one) final exam is written, and I finally had some time to make comics! Here they are:

Hopefully soon, I’ll hear back on my writing portfolio and I can post some of the fiction that I’ve written! I’ll likely post it not as a part of a weekly update, but I’ll link to them in my weekly updates.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! See yah next week!