GoGo Weekly: Helicopters!

University classes are back! Sweet, sweet routine! How I’ve missed you. The return of routine means the return of LET’S DRAW VIDEOS! This week we’re doing helicopters, Easy, Medium and Hard mode. If you’re like me and you got a bunch of art supplies for Christmas, well, what better way to try ’em out? This week I used the most absorbent paper I’ve EVER used to make the attack helicopter drawing/painting, and let me tell you- I’ve never erased with more confidence in my entire life. That ink was DRY- so dry, it’s like the paper came with it already weaved into its fibers.

I posted a couple of poems this last week, if you missed ’em, check em out here:

Musky Twit

You Make Everything New

Also, just in case you didn’t see, I posted a short essay about my lock a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a fun read.

I DID make a comic! One. One comic. Here it is:

As I get back into a rhythm and get my head wrapped around what is required for my new classes, I’m sure I’ll get back to making more comic strips again. I can’t really help it, it’s just sort of how I process life. But I really am trying to establish a routine of processing life more through short stories (both using comics and just prose), informal essays, poems, that sort of thing.

Here’s a bit of an archive dive!

I’ll probably post a sci-fi short story that I wrote some time this week. If you like Scifi, be on the look-out for that! Thanks so much for reading!