GoGo Weekly: ROCKETS!

This week, I thought it’d be fun to draw ROCKETS! For the hard mode, I opted to experiment in two ways: first, by using acrylic paint (rather than my usual watercolours) and second, by painting it on grey paper rather than white. My thinking for the grey paper was, it would make the whites in the rocket pop, and it would make up for the fact that I likely wouldn’t cover every square inch of the paper in paint. I don’t think it turned out great, but it was really fun to experiment around with. As opposed to watercolour, acrylic paint takes FOREVER to dry (say, 30 mins)- it’s definitely one of those “have patience” situations. It’s also possible to paint over acrylic paint once it’s dried and so revisions are possible (again, quite difficult to do with watercolour, if not impossible). Oil paint takes DAYS to dry. I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to use oil paint.

This last week was reading break at school, as well as a week of vacation for my family! Other than being sick for a bit, It was good. We hit up west ed, ikea, and peter’s drive in. It was a perfect prairie vacation! Nothing better to do on a (literal) -45ºC day than spend it driving in a minivan, watching netflix (the kids) and listening to podcasts (the adults).

Here are some comics:

I would LOVE to write something longer than four panels. It’s been a while! I’ve done it twice before: the “Slow day” graphic novel, where I wrote a story out three panels at a time, and both Space Chucks (attempt #1, and attempt #2). I really like reading all of these years after the fact. I still think this chapter of space chuck holds up pretty well! There’s something about creating a longer-form story that is satisfying in a different way than a gag-a-day comic. But the way I tend to write is in small chunks, or as-I-go. I LOVE writing as I go… but it doesn’t always make for good writing. Both “Slow day” and “space chuck 1.0” were written one page at a time without a greater overall structure to begin with. It combines my love of DM’ing with my love of comic making- it feels fresh and spontaneous and fun to make! BUT! I also know the benefit of writing out a story and editing ad nauseum before ever illustrating anything (such as was the case for this short story).

I guess it comes down to “What makes it more likely that I will actually tell the story in a way people will want to read?” and the only way I know how to answer that question is to just try both.

Here’s an archive dive!

Thanks for reading! If you like my blog, do me a favour: send a link of this blog to a friend! It helps me out huge. I’m not looking for internet fame or anything- I just find that when all sorts of rad opportunities have come about because a friend or a friend of a friend knows somebody or some situation that could use a cartoonist to zoom into a classroom or drop in to volunteer at an arts class or whatever. It really does help me out- aside from the joy of making comics, connecting with others and encouraging people along in their own creative journey is basically why I do what I do! Thanks again.