GoGo Weekly: MECHA!

This week, we’re drawing MECHA! Because mecha is cool. I got some cheap alcohol based markers and wanted to try doing my own version of a pretty popular Gundam pic that’s been floating around gunpla circles for a long time. Here is the hard mode:

My daughter is big into copics, but I’m cheap so this is my first official foray into colouring with markers! She inspired me.

I’ve also been making a TON of songs on the OP-1. Most are horrible. Here’s one that ain’t half bad:

I’m technically in a busy time, as it’s midterms and midterm papers last week and this week. That, combined with time spent making videos for my job, means that my free time is in short supply! Or rather, shorter-than-usual supply. Textbooks are BORING, you know? But somebody’s gotta read them (Me, I have to read them).

I did manage to make a comic this week though:

This is a FREQUENT occurrence. But I mean, I should probably learn, right? And mask up? In my own house? haha!

Here’s an archive dive:

Thanks for reading! See yah next week!