GoGo Weekly: Broken things

This was a fun let’s draw! Breaking things in real life is expensive, but breaking stuff in art is CHEAP AS FREE! And entertaining to boot. There was no room for the hard mode on the thumbnail, so here it is:

I gave the original to a friend of mine who is moving on to greener pastures! These busted up ol’ farmhouses are EVERYWHERE on the prairies, they’re pretty cool. Not at all apocalyptic and creepy. I was thinking maybe I’d digitally grey-scale this bad boy and figure out how to make it a print.

This week is INSANELY BUSY. Infact, even as I type this I am procrastinating from SO MUCH WORK. The last weeks of a semester are always like this, but it’s hitting pretty hard this time around. Also, wouldn’t you know it, I’m having a thousand super fun creative ideas that I definitely don’t have time to do. It’s always like that, isn’t it? When I have oodles of free time, I have zero ideas. When I have zero free time, OODLES OF IDEAS! Thankfully I can write stuff down and work through the ideas when I have the time.

I did manage to get one comic made:

Other than that, I’ve just been busy drawing away at the various job-projects. I asked if I could put the videos I’ve made for my work on my portfolio page, so if I get permission to do that, you’ll be able to check them out there! But it’s a pretty slim chance I’ll be allowed to do it, seeing as I don’t own the material. I’m pretty proud of how they came out though!

Here’s an archive dive for yah!

I’ve realized that I’ve almost got enough comics to make another printed collection, but there’s a problem! While I usually sell out of my print run, I no longer live where the vast majority of people who buy my comics live. So I’m not sure it’d be worth it to make a print collection? It’s a lot of work and a lot of money up front. PLUS, I usually end up giving away so many of them that it’s not like I’m making much profit! hahahahaughhhhhhhh why do we need money to live, you know? It’s wild to think about.

Anyways, can you tell I’m procrastinating? Guess I should end this post and get back to reality. Thanks for reading! See yah next week!