GoGo Weekly: MOUTHS!

This week, I thought it would be fun to draw mouths! And, I was right. It was very fun. Also, not at all how I hoped it would go! bahaha! If you don’t wanna watch the whole video, check out my favourite part which I pared down into this short video:

Yeah. YIKES! bahaha! Well, it was my first time using charcoal and drawing a portrait at that size. As usual, I forgot to compensate for the fact that when you have a massive page laid down on a table, the stuff you’re drawing that is further away from you distorts. WILDLY. If you look at it from an angle it is a bit better, but it doesn’t really look great either way to be perfectly honest! And you know what? sometimes that happens. OFTEN, actually. I thought it’d be fun to share!

I made a few videos this week, mostly to do with the reMarkable2 tablet. It’s the only weird piece of technology that I own, and it isn’t super popular, which means people are a bit starved for information about it. I love making videos so I’m happy to oblige:

I didn’t get to make very many comics this week; it’s the last few weeks of my semester, which means ASSIGNMENTS AND MIDTERMS/FINALS! ahhh. what fun. But I did make this, over the course of THREE DAYS:

This didn’t take three days because it was especially difficult to draw. Far from it! Also, NONE of my comics are especially difficult to draw. No, no- this took three days because when my brain went mad from reading too many books or writing too much or studying, I’d pause doing work and take a few minutes to make a comic. In a few weeks I’ll be lousy with free time, and I can work on- well, honestly, projects I don’t get to show anybody! Ah well.

Thanks for reading this here website! Here’s an archive dive for yah:

Thanks again for reading! See yah next week. Oh- and if you haven’t already, give my youtube channel a subscribe! I’m trying to get to 1k subs so I can start making that sweet sweet ad money. I want that $5 cheque from google every year, you know? Every bit helps.