GoGo Weekly: Blecht!

I didn’t get around to making a video this week- I’ve been fighting off a bit of a cold (which I picked up while writing a final exam) and while it has given my voice a deep husk and my sinus a good flow, I don’t think it’ll be very fun (for anyone!) if I were to talk at a camera for half an hour. So we’ll try again next week!

I DID get around to making some comics though! Here they are:

The keen observer will notice those last two are actually screenshots from instagram. I drew them on my iPad, which is all the way upstairs and I don’t really feel like getting it. You’ll also notice that the last two have something I don’t regularly do in my comics: SHADING. That’s because, when I draw on my iPad, I have the latest version of Clip Studio which has a new fairly robust shading assistant tool I wanted to try out. It works fairly well! You can tell it isn’t perfect- but at a quick glance, it’s passable. One of the biggest reasons I don’t shade is because it is time consuming and I usually just prefer how flat colouring looks, but the shading assistant gives you a pretty good head start. Sort of. I mean, you have to do it once for every panel, and it’s not as if it gets it perfect- you have to adjust it. And for a person like me (who would rather screenshot instagram than walk upstairs and get his iPad) asking me to click a button 4 times is quite a lot.

You’ll also notice that I continue to forget to update the year on the bottom of my comic template. GAH! Maybe I’ll just keep it that way until I start a new template document. I’m working on two templates, one on the iPad and one on the desktop. Both have about fifty comics in them currently? When the management doc gets to around 100, I usually start a new one because it takes too long to load on start-up.

Thanks so much for reading! And, if you can at all help it, don’t sit directly across from someone dying of respiratory infection during a 3 hour final.