GoGo Weekly: WEASELS

WEASELS! It turns out that weasels, whether they are tiny like Stoats, medium sized like Ferrets, or larger like wolverines or otters or whatever, all sort of look the same. Which is why I made WOLVERINE for hard mode! And woof, WHAT a wolverine. I have some theories as to why my bigger drawings sorta suck, and you can find them in this OTHER video that I JUST MADE!

That’s right, true to my digital comfort zone, I’ve made a way to get what I make digital onto large canvases without actually needing to get better at art. I kid, I kid! I’m not going to use this to cheat and shortcut getting better at art. It’s just, sometimes I don’t feel like leaving the realization of my creative aspirations to luck and/or a long process of iterating, especially when it costs real money to get it done. And while digital art is a one time investment, making big pieces of real-media art costs MONEY! Paint, canvas/board, brushes- it all adds up. And I wanted a hand painted sign that looks right the first time! Alright, no more self justification. I am very happy with how it turned out, and it was fun figuring out how to make it happen.

I made a few comics this week as well:

That’s all for now! Normally I’d do an archive dive, but I feel like TWO VIDEOS in one week is a pretty big accomplishment. I think the second video is an especially good one!

Thanks for reading- see you next week!