GoGo Weekly: Transformers

This week, by popular request, we’re tackling TRANSFORMERS! Specifically, Bumblebee (in the medium and hard mode, anyways). I gotta admit though, this is a bit of a cheeky take on the request- for most kids these days the transformer “bumblebee” bears little resemblance to what I would consider to be bumblebee. The hard mode was really fun this time! If you don’t feel like watching the whole video, here’s the hard mode short:

Aaaaand, because it might be fun to click and zoom in and see all of the messy details, here’s the actual image:

It’s a bit of a bummer: my favourite genre of digital painting is messy fast paintings like the one above, but it’s sort of what a lot of AI generated art looks like- messy, hazy, quickly rendered, poorly articulated. You’d think that would mean that I like the AI art that is being churned out, but I do not. Not at all. At this point in its development, AI generates stuff that is CLOSE to what I should like, but it’s unsettling (for some reasons that are visually obvious, and for some reasons that are harder to articulate). I’m sure it’ll get better. To be fair, I saw some 8bit style AI animation that looked really cool; maybe there are genres of art and video that I find easier to enjoy knowing it was AI generated. The big point of the whole rant is: I think there IS a difference between a messy painting created by a human and a messy painting generated by an algorithm, and it sucks for everybody that got really good at that concept-art messy style because now I feel like they won’t be as sought after. Ultimately, it won’t stop me from making whatever style of painting I feel like, but I don’t make a living from my art so it doesn’t threaten me. But for people who are seeing their artistic endeavours become less and less of a viable livelihood, that sucks and I feel bad for them.

Anyways, rant over. Here’s some comics I made this week:

That’s it for now! I hope you have a great week.