Reflections on Debussy’s “clair de lune”.

I gotta say, this is one of my favourite strips!  I spent a good long while listening to “Clair de Lune” over and over again, and it just kind of came to me!  Anyways, happy monday!

Learn something new every day

For example, today i learned that the next macbook itineration, AKA apple’s next phase in their evil plan to own the world’s money, while having a wonderful screen resolution, won’t have fire wire ports.  they did that for a bit with the first version of the aluminum “mac books”… for the short period where they weren’t macbook pros… anyone remember that time?  Anyone remember the “new” polycarbonite white macbooks?  anyone remember old black macbooks?  a couple of apple’s gimmicks that didn’t really last very long? Anyways, the new one will have two thunderbolt ports, which is cool, except that i don’t need thunderbolt ports, i need firewire ports.  It’s not that big of a deal, having my macbook that i have now, but it’s just another annoying reminder that apple continues to change things just slow enough to keep people buying stuff annually.  That being said, first gen ipods and “classic” ipods… there’s quite the difference.

haters, unite! or… wait.

Gotta love when it is late, and you think you are having this philosophical break-through, and then you realize that it doesn’t make any sense, because it is late, and most good-thinking happens directly after coffee, early in the day.  Anyways, as i write this, now, looking at the clock, i realize it is 12:30 midnight.  I don’t know if this will make sense tomorrow.  I thought it was funny today.  That is all!  I still love this new tablet.  woot!

time for change!

It’s probably not very noticeable (not yet, anyways), but, this is a little thing we like to call an art-upgrade.  I’ve made the jump from bamboo to intuos5!  it is a good jump… from a tiny tablet, to a medium sized one.  So far, i have liked this jump.  it will take some getting used too, but for now, it’s nice to not run out of space.


One thing i love, probably the thing i love the most, about being in the city is all of the super random crap that happens.  It’s almost like I have to walk around with a pad and paper and just write it all down, before i forget it!  When Diana used to live here, and I would visit every weekend, I never had a shortage of things to draw or write about.  Anyways.  this is another “actually happened” comic.  We’re in the food court.  I’m eating my fake-chinese food, minding my own business, when suddenly, a lady sits beside me.  Right beside me.  i’m sitting at the “bar seating’, which has like 25 open chairs in EITHER direction…. and she picks the one RIGHT beside me, and starts eating really weird, celophane-wrapped food very loudly.  I was so annoyed.  Anyways… I’ve come to realize that much of what inspires these comics are things that annoy me.    Plus!  in the city, how is it that so many old ladies have those little pull-carts?  where does a person even BUY one of those?  what do they even keep in there?  Diana laughed at me being annoyed by it and said that i wouldn’t do well in a hot culture… but i think it’s just that i’m not used to hot-culture stuff in good ol’ cold-culture canada.   Or, maybe i just like eating in privacy.

this happened

So it is me and Diana’s one year anniversary this day!  woot.  We couldn’t get a whole lot of time off for it between our two jobs, so we are currently in a quick two day vacation to a city that is close by!  (vancouver, obvs.)  Anyhoo, restaurants.  Diana loves to shop, and I don’t, so i went into a restaurant to get us a table while she looked around a store.  the above happened.  it was weird.  it may not seem like that big of a deal, but really, REALLY, think it through.  Do you ever introduce yourself to your server at a restaurant?  This guy was like, digging for it.  He’s like “My name’s Josh, and….”  and giving me this look, like i’m supposed to reciprocate.  He waits for it… for like, a solid five seconds.  then he stares at me and walks away.  it was BIZARRE.

i mean, if i would of been there with my family, i wouldn’t of been like “Hey josh!  I’m rob, this is diana, these are our children Xerxies, Thor, and Credenza.”  No!  of course not.  That would be weird.  Anwyays, socially uncomfortable situation, the linger-staring waiter.  I was taught not to talk to strangers… especially not strangers that stare at me.

tricky, like a ferengi.

This one time, Jamison insulted someone by calling them a romulan, and I nearly died of having a completely fulfilled life.