this actually almost happened



Read the comic first!  The story wrecks it.


Yesterday, me and Diana went to the beach.  She was in a swimming mood, I was in a sit on the beach and bake type of mood.  I always take my car key off of my key chain and bring just the key along, so i can tie it into my bathing suit or whatever.  I don’t want people stealin’ it!  Anyways, so i’m sitting there, thinking about skipping rocks… and I have the key in my hand, and a hyundai key feels very much like a smooth stone.. and so I stood up, not even thinking, about ready to skip my key across the lake, and I was about to throw it when I realized what it was, and what I was doing, and how hard that would of been to explain.  I’m kind of an idiot, i guess?  I mean, who almost skips their keys across the lake?

Me and Diana went “antiquing” the other day… but i tell yah, what passes as antiques… it was more like walking into an episode of hoarders… except everything was nicely organized.  “In this pile, we have a bunch of swiffer sweepers!  Who wants to bid?  Circa 1999, these swiffers are truly any collector’s dream.”



Prof’s gotta eat

For all my friends currently undertaking academic pursuits:  you know i loved college.  I’m not bein’ a hater.

And remember:  If you are going to college to buy time before life starts for real, what you are ACTUALLY doing is giving your profs money for food!  and that is a nobel endeavor.

A summer tragedy

When this happens to a little kid, it is sad.  When it happens to a grown adult, it is sad on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL.  Adults should have learned the way to safely eat icecream… and yet…

If you’ve been keeping track, and I know I have been, you will see that this is my 150th comic!  Woot.  If you are new to the comics, you might say, “But there are only five in your archives”. has the first 145 of em.  That is all!