A summer tragedy

When this happens to a little kid, it is sad.  When it happens to a grown adult, it is sad on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL.  Adults should have learned the way to safely eat icecream… and yet…

If you’ve been keeping track, and I know I have been, you will see that this is my 150th comic!  Woot.  If you are new to the comics, you might say, “But there are only five in your archives”.  robshauf.tumblr.com has the first 145 of em.  That is all!


when I was little, I would see a sign with “Ltd.” on it, for like some company.  For example, waterstone holdings ltd.  I never knew what it meant, but to this day, I pronounce it “luh teh did”.  Today, I learned both what a holdings company is, and what Ltd. means.  it’s been a big day, I think I can turn in now.



oh, the humanity!

so often, this is a situation i find myself in.  Though you’d never know it, cause i belly laugh like the best of ’em.  or should i say the rest of ’em?  The rest of ’em being everyone else who finds themselves laughing at something that isn’t particularly funny, but find it easier to laugh along to keep the “funny peace”?  Anyways, today’s not super funny comic brought to you by the letter A.  It’s a sesame street reference…  though one unwarranted.