follow your dreams!

cge007Go netflix! may netflix never go the way of youtube, with its mandatory ads that are longer then the clips i actually want to be watching.  Of course, it’s only a matter of time.


Redbull gives you wings

cge006I always liked the redbull commercials where the guy drinks a redbull, sprouts wings, and then flies away.  For a while, they could get away without the ridiculous tag at the end of the commercial, which went something like “Redbull doesn’t ACTUALLY give you wings… it’s an energy boosting blah blah blah”.  It must suck when your company’s tag-line is considered a lie, and you have to disclaimer it.  it’d be like…

McDonalds: “I’m lovin* it!”  *actually, we just LIKE McDonalds.  You wouldn’t marry a hamburger.

Apple:  “Think Different*.”   *as long as you think like us.

Google:  “Don’t be Evil*.”  *evil really is dependent on one’s perspective and position, so, if you have to be evil, change your perspective or position so you can get away with it.

Walmart:  “Save money*.  Live better**.”   *in the short term.  **if our suppliers can’t, you might as well be able too!

I think it’s sad that redbull had to put the tag on the end.  I think that, generally, people know that ads lie to them, and redbull’s straight-out lie was refreshing!  (i guess that was ten years ago… man i feel old).

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


interviews! they’re the best.

cge005…so i start thinking like whatever tv show i happen to be binge-watching.

scrubs was the first tv show that i borrowed from a friend on dvd.  afterwards, i wanted to be a doctor, but you know, without the med school and actual work.  After that, it was smallville, which made me want to be superman.  Now, with netflix, there is no end to new and unrealistic career aspirations!

have a great monday everyone!  i the weathers good, go outside!  if the weather sucks, watch some downton!  if downton sucks, well, there’s not much i can do then, is there?



cge004Ghost brings up a good point!  Why DO i care about traffic?

It’s not like I make money when people visit the site, or click on the ads.  It would be cool to have that set up, but alas, it’s not my situation!   I make a little money when I sell books, but for the most part, that money covers the cost of the books i give away to people! haha.  In my case, traffic does not equal money!

Well, I care about people visiting the site for this simple reason:  it’s nice to know people are reading the stuff I am making!

Have a great weekend everyone!  New week-long storyline starts next week!

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Thanks so much for reading the comic!  I hope you enjoy it!  It’s good to be back to weekly updates.  😀


You win this time, buzzfeed…

2014-6-10ugh.  I get sucked into those stupid headlines and blog titles EVERY TIME.  When I am doing a quick scroll-through, for every one piece of information I actually care about, I scroll past fifteen buzzfeed and huffington post and whatever articles all with a variation on the same title.  The worst part is, I fall for it every time.  I have to remind myself, actually TAKE A SECOND and say to myself, “no. this will not be an interesting article, it’s just a re-hash of old memes.”

Anyways, I know that my comic doesn’t publish in newsfeeds like it used to ever since Facebook changed the way they promote non-pay posts and non-viral news items, but if this pops up in your news feed, I sincerely hope it isn’t an annoyance!  I hope you like these here comics.  It’s fun drawing them, that much is for sure!


Cha cha cha! Charmin!

2013-6-5I’m a sucker for a commercial with bogus claims JUST BEGGING you to put stuff to the test.  I WANT to be able to wash my dishes with paper towel!  But would I ever actually DO it?  hmm.  Anyways.