Half human, half robot, all snark

This basketball documentary on Netflix is great


you would NOT BELIEVE how practical this is! #14 will blow your mind.


My TOP 15 list of incredibly practical pro-tips that will destroy any apple-chic sensibilities!

1)  Carabiner key-chain, attached to your belt-loop
2)  A phone case that attaches to your belt loop (actually, anything to do with belts and belt-loop accessories are a good idea)
3)  ACTUALLY FILLING your cargo shorts’ pockets with cargo
4)  Wearing a hat and taking the stickers off of it
5)  Socks and sandals.  Because, comfort.
6)  IF you have a smart TV, you don’t need an apple TV
7)  iTunes isn’t the only online music obtaining option
8)  If you don’t wanna carry a wallet, put your dolla billz in your SOCK
9)   Rubber boots are TOTALLY fine to wear on a date if it’s raining (if you don’t have rubber boots, just get a bag and an elastic band, and put the bag over your shoes and elastic-band em to seal it to your ankle.)
10)  Wearing a hat and curving the brim gives better sun-protection
11)  Cardigans are dumb, wear a sweatshirt for optimum warmth
12)  Wear those sunglasses that go over your existing sunglasses that cataracts patients have to wear
13)  TOMS shoes fall apart at an ALARMING rate.  Just sayin’.
14)  Fanny packs are actually super practical, tourists have no problem with them
15)  U2 isn’t the first band to give their music away for free, you can actually find a LOT of awesome music for free (legally) with a simple google search.

Well, the iphone 6 is chocked full of new features my android phone apparently already has (although i didn’t know it).  IF there is one thing apple is good at doing, it’s taking existing ideas and making them seem earth-shattering and exclusive.

EDIT- oh, i’m still gonna get that free U2 album.  Free music!~  yay!  (although, I use ad-supported Rdio, so… more free music!)



The great migration

2014-8-14So I switched from my iphone to a galaxy note III!  why?  

Well, for one, my contract was up for renewal (i actually had my iPhone 4 through to the end of my 3 year contract), so with incentive stuff, i got my note for $25.  …which meant i could spend money on an otterbox case, which makes a comically big phone catastrophically large.  i think it’s awesome.

Some pros:  within the first five minutes, i had a playstation emulator running my favourite PSone games from back in the day.  All of the google apps are super intuitive, suprisingly so.  I love the camera, it’s good.  Also, it’s nice to have some change.

Some cons:  Samsung has it’s own app for everything, on top of all the android apps that are included, which is ridiculous.  I’ll have to find someone who knows which one i should actually use and get rid of the rest.

  My text messages don’t work super great, I kept the same phone number which means all my friends with iPhones can’t text me right now, until i get that sorted out (thanks steph for the sign-out tip- i’ll give that a go).

  In any case, my phone now has better stats then any computer in my house, so that’s kinda fun.

Also- once i get the hang of drawing with the S-pen, i plan on doing the odd comic on there.  Should be GOOD!  YAY!

Have a great… I wanna say thursday? what day is it?  I love vacation.