Sorry for the late update!  I had an early meeting with an hour of freeway-fun, so my draw time turned into drive time.  Hope you’re all having a great thursday!  This comic yet again illustrates why it is good for me to have other people help me with home renos.



cg97 100Lettering is difficult!
So, continuing to chronicle the most bizarre cold i’ve ever had:  My throat isn’t sore anymore, but now i have stomach sickness!  blecht. Pepto Bismol:  you are the best!
This weekend will be a busy one, we have our “gallery of the arts” and I still haven’t figured out what i’m going to be submitting for it.  I wanted to do an animation, but i’m outta time.  I wanted to do a picture book, and even though it’s almost, a copy won’t be here in time.  I wanted to do a painting, but i’m not really liking how it is turning out.  I GUESS I could put a charlie comic book out, but I’m pretty sure everyone that will be there already knows about it and either has a copy or have seen someone else’s copy.  Hmm.  First world problem… first world problem indeed.
PEACE OUT!  Have a good weekend!



happy new year!



cg59 100


haha this was a lot of fun to write.

Once when I worked at the movie theater, i was at concession and someone asked me what time it was, and I replied “it’s seven dollars and thirty cents”.  What I meant to say was “Seven thirty”… But I mean, you communicate in the language you use most often.

OK!  And here’s a happy new years sketch for yall!  Thanks for reading charlie and the ghost!  I’m looking forward to 2013.  Spread the word!  Gotta friend who needs a little charlie in their life?  You know what you should do?  Send em a link to this here site. woot woot!

happy new year