post-baby haze


20160713_080658I actually MADE a CHX-139b tshirt! I love it. ūüėÄ ¬†Just a killer picture. ¬†I forgot how exhausting it is to have a new-born. ¬†I mean, i remember anecdotally how tired i was, but i think the actual memories were repressed in order to maintain my facade of sanity. ¬†IT ALL COMES SCREAMING BACK!

Why cant babies just sleep during the night? ¬†Our new baby is nocturnal, i’m sure of it.


Don’t lie on your resum√©



Daughter woke up before i could finish the comic today, so please forgive any spelling/grammar/art errors you happen to stumble upon.

Man alive! ¬†It’s fun watching kids grow up. ¬†It happens fast.

I think there should be some sort of standardization method granting babies a license to operate cutlery. ¬†I’m gonna start a petition.

World’s best dog

2014-9-1Based on the incredibly true story of an 8 month old daughter who just mastered crawling, a puppy named “coffee-dog” who is always willing to share her prescription dog-food, and a lazy father who noticed a total section of the local “Value Village” is completely dedicated to father encouragement paraphernalia.

Have a great week everyone!


because, science.

2014-8-28every time that commercial comes on, i make this joke inside my head.  I figured I should get it down on paper.

it’s a cheesy joke, i know, but as you probably know by now, cheese is my bread and butter.

My free Rdio music listens ran out. ¬†I’ve had access to Rdio since I bought my surface for drawing on, and my surface has absolutely no music stored on it, which means that I don’t have music to draw to. ¬†-sad-

Have a great thursday everyone!  the summer is almost over.  Craziness.


Mobility is its own reward


Landmarks in mobility, working backwards:
10)  Being able to fly on a plane
9)  Being able to drive a car
8)  Being able to take public transit by yourself
7)  Being able to ride a car without a booster seat
6)  Being able to ride a bike
5)  Being able to walk
4)  Being able to ride in a car without a rear-facing seat
3)  Being able to crawl
2)  Being able to roll consecutively in one direction
1)  Being able to flip-over

According to this chart I JUST made up, Josie is only 8 steps away from MOBILITY DOMINATION.

Lil’ Joe isn’t quite walking, or crawling even… but rolling? ¬†Rolling faster than the speed of safety? ¬†Yep. ¬†She’s got that DOWN PAT. ¬†Constant supervision is required. ¬†Baby-proofing is just around the corner. ¬†Honestly! ¬†why are babies always almost fallin’ off of stuff? ¬†Change-tables, couches, normal-tables, bouncy-seats, chairs…left to her own devices, she would roll out of all of them. ¬†PARENTHOOD, amirite?

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SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously! ¬†include some instructions why don’cha!

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Don’t Worry, new dads! (part 2)

2014-6-4As promised, a comic about being a dad that more accurately reflects my experience! ¬†Or, at least, the grand majority of my experience being a dad,¬†where crying isn’t what she is doing. ¬†Infact, as I type this, my five-and-a-half month old baby is currently almost pooping herself as she exerts so much effort to attempt to crawl to get to a ball that is just out of her reach. ¬†Five-and-a-half-months! ¬†almost crawling! ¬†I don’t know if that’s good, but I think it’s exceptional! ¬†Don’t give up little Jo-jo, little Jos√©, little Josie buttons! ¬†You GOT this! ¬†She doesn’t even get mad and look at me to help her… she just keeps on keepin’ on. ¬†YES.