Don’t worry, new dads!

2014-6-3Based on a true story!  Many true stories, actually.  Don’t worry though, comics like this do not accurately or adequately summarize my feelings as a new dad.

The glory of being a dad eclipses the decibel level of my child’s lungs!  Or at least, when she is testing the physical limitations of my ear drums, that is what I need to remind myself.  She’s a LOUD CHILD… and I have sensitive ears!  I mean, even though her mother and I are both loud, and you would think that would have prepared me, maybe I just need to invest in some noise cancelling headphones! haha…

Maybe my goal for wednesday should be to make a comic about being a dad that doesn’t involve complaining in some way! haha.  CHALLENGE: accepted.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Dogs care, man.

2014-3-21Josie can’t actually sit up on her own yet, but that doesn’t stop Coffee-dog from giving her food.  Coffee-dog has become very strange ever since having Josie!

1)  Coffee-dog is afraid of loud noises… So when Josie cries, Coffee’s natural instinct is to go and hide, but Coffee is also concerned about Josie, and so she always “stands guard” within eye-sight of Josie crying, making sure that I am doing something about it… and only when Coffee feels like Josie is being taken care of, then Coffee scampers off to hide in the front hall closet.

2)  Coffee-dog can’t stand when Diana or I pull at her fur, or kick her… but when Josie does it, she loves it!  She just sits there and takes it like a champ.  Josie is definitely in that stage of “My hands are like CLAMPS! YAY!”  it hurts when she grabs my beard, so i’m pretty sure Coffee is in a little bit of pain when she grabs her tail, or her face, or her fur.

3)  Coffee-dog wakes up more in the night then Josie.  Why?  I don’t know.  But if she barks, she wakes Josie up, so it’s easier just to put her out a couple times a night.  This is by far the most annoying side-effect of having a baby that we did not anticipate.

4)  Coffee-dog shares her food with Josie.  This will be a problem once Josie is old enough to try eating it… but for now, bewildered looks are fine!

5)  Coffee-dog is fond of licking Josie’s spit-up.  Classy!

When Josie is a toddler, I’m sure Coffee will be stoked on all the table cast-off’s she’ll be getting… For now, I think Coffee is pretty sceptical at her new playmate, but feels some sense of duty to protect her.  It’s pretty cute, watching them interact.


Sure, blame it on the baby

2014-2-17Trash input has increased by no less then 200%.  Between diapers, wipes, the many bottles we’ve had to try out and toss out, the packaging that all of our baby furniture came in, the insane amount of gift-wrapping we’ve torn up and tossed…  We’ve become quite wasteful!  It doesn’t feel super, i gotta say!

When it comes to diapers, there are cloth diaper options, but a big investment upfront is a hard pill to swallow.  And so, our mountains of garbage pile up.


on that happy note, have a great week everyone!  the earth is dying, but, you know, WHATEVS.


Coffee-dog VS Josie-baby. ready- FIGHT!

2014-1-30Coffee-dog and josie-baby have a love-hate relationship.  Coffee hates how loud Josie is.  Josie hates when Coffee licks her face.  Now, i know what you’re thinking: I shouldn’t let my dog lick my baby’s face.  that is true.  But i also know this:  every time I want to see my dog, it usually takes me about twenty minutes of searching, because she’s so terrified at all the super-loud noises Josie makes.  And that girl has QUITE a set of lungs on her.

Josie loves grabbing coffee’s hair and flailing about.  Coffee loves when Josie poops.  Dogs love poop.  Josie loves lying on her chair and bouncing; coffee loves lying underneath the chair and waiting for poop to happen.  It’s crazy, how much of Diana’s and my life revolves around poop.

the wire-bounce chair is a lifesaver.  We wouldn’t get any sleep if it weren’t for that thing.


Step #4 repeat until you get sick and learn your lesson

2014-1-22I had a couple awesome comic ideas for today’s comic, and i came home and forgot them instantly.  THEN, this happened, and Diana laughed at me for like, five minutes, and i figured… maybe you would laugh at it too!  ~sick~

Have a great thursday everyone!  😀


For unto us a child is born!

2013-12-23ALRIGHT!  So.  BRAND-NEW dad here.  My first five observations:

1)  Babies are much less fragile then I previously thought.
2) I have a new-found respect for my wife, who is apparently un-affected by sleep deprivation
3)  All I can think about is my daughter, so you better believe charlie is gonna have a spontaneous baby pretty soon
4)  This is taking too long, i wanna go see my daughter, so you only get 3!


HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!!!!!  Christmas time indeed.


and I hope that you feel the same way toooooo

2013-10-17…this happened.  Two days ago.  it was not my coolest moment.  Of course, I was driving the van, not the car, but i mean, the same idea applies.
Here’s a link to the song, so you can re-live all of it’s 1990’s glory.