You bow to no one

I really do love the lord of the rings. I watched the movies before I read the books, and I think the movies are excellent. The nice thing about the movies is that, with care, they really help to point out and demonstrate themes that are in the books that I never caught when I read the books because, well, I read them when I was young and frankly they were long and thick and I wasn’t a good reader at the time. It’s nice that the movies bring such beautiful ideas to re-expression, faithful to both the medium of film and the themes in the books.

As I was drawing this in my local Starbucks, I actually teared up. I do that from time to time, when a story hits me in an unexpected way and I see how the themes from it work their way out in every day life. Of course Aragorn bowed to the hobbits, he was the only king who would ever think to, because he was a reluctant king, aware of his fear but unconquered by it, noble, who embraced his destiny and rose only to lay it down and (and o Frick I’m crying in a Starbucks again).

the reason it hits me so hard is because this theme is central to my faith, so it works it’s way into everything I see in life.

now a lady has noticed I am a bit teary.


such a glorious season

2014-6-9but… but the fresh prince just came to netflix!  HOW COULD YOU!

I LOVE the spring time.  I don’t have to wear my leather jacket and gloves driving the scooter, I can wear sandals constantly and comfortably, we can eat outside, the list goes on and on!

My favourite part is how it is a pleasant temperature, but not a scalding temperature.  In the summer, it gets really hot, and I get really lazy… but in the spring!  TENNIS!  BIKING TO WORK!  going to the beach, but not feeling peer-pressured to swim!  it’s amazing.

Have a great monday!