of doubt and belief


Doubt and belief!

Doubt, at its best, is motivating, and at its worst, is incapacitating.  Motivating doubt causes a person to search for truth, to expand their perspective and grow as a person… Incapacitating doubt causes a person to give up that search for truth, narrow their perspective and wallow and fester.

Of course, what is true of doubt is the same of belief.

Belief at its worst is incapacitating, and at its best, is motivating.   Incapacitating belief causes a person to stop searching for truth, which narrows their perspective and causes a person to wallow and fester.  BUT!  Motivating belief causes a person to search for truth, to expand their perspective and grow as a person.

Is it better to be a dishonest believer, or an honest doubter?

I think it is best to be motivated, and to know one’s motivations.

Doubt and belief are two sides of the same coin.  What motivates us to either?  Or are they what motivate us?  are they a means to an end, or are they the end itself?

…it’s like 35 degrees Celsius in here, i think my brain is gonna explode.




always look on the bright side

2014-3-19…I may have drawn this after reading through Ecclesiastes a couple times.  In case you haven’t read it, it’s a book of wisdom literature in the bible, pretty much wholly concerned with helping man come to grips with his mortality.  It’s great!

I think I’ve always thought, to some extent, that a meaningful life equates to being famous in some way, for something.  I think Ecclesiastes would disagree with me, and i’m glad it does.  It sucks, equating fame with meaning, because i’m not famous, so by my own standards, that means i’m meaningless.  Ecclesiastes puts things into perspective.

Have a great weekend everyone!



The “a capella little drummer boy” we’ve all been waiting for!

2013-12-5Hey, remember that verse in the bible where there is a boy who drums for Jesus?  No?  hmm.

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