Profound answers to pressing questions

Profound answers to pressing questions! What is a ‘Go go Mach rocket sheep?’ Great question. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? Three.

The only thing I like better than reading comics is making comics. Sometimes I set out making comics with a joke or a plan in place. Sometimes I just start drawing and as I think about it something strikes me as funny or as worth saying. In both cases there are always surprises, bob-ross-ian ‘happy little accidents’ that make it new and exciting. I wanna share that with y’all!

That’s why this will be my main comic making exercise again! Space chuck will still be around, but it won’t be my comic making priority. I’ll hopefully be updating ‘go go Mach rocket sheep’ every day with a comic and a blog post.

It’s easy to make that commitment now at the tail end of my sabbatical. I’m currently staring down the barrel of an incredibly busy semester with my masters studies starting back up and stepping into a new role at church. Even so, I honestly think I need a daily creative outlet.

Thank you for reading my comics and my blog! Check back often!


not an article for the faint-of-heart


It is time for me to go to work, so i’ll keep this short!

Obscurity isn’t the end of the world.

Have a great weekend!



You win this time, buzzfeed…

2014-6-10ugh.  I get sucked into those stupid headlines and blog titles EVERY TIME.  When I am doing a quick scroll-through, for every one piece of information I actually care about, I scroll past fifteen buzzfeed and huffington post and whatever articles all with a variation on the same title.  The worst part is, I fall for it every time.  I have to remind myself, actually TAKE A SECOND and say to myself, “no. this will not be an interesting article, it’s just a re-hash of old memes.”

Anyways, I know that my comic doesn’t publish in newsfeeds like it used to ever since Facebook changed the way they promote non-pay posts and non-viral news items, but if this pops up in your news feed, I sincerely hope it isn’t an annoyance!  I hope you like these here comics.  It’s fun drawing them, that much is for sure!