Book making

Plenty of time to share interests with the kids!

Right now my daughter is big into comics and graphic novels geared towards kids. She also reads pretty much anything you put in front of her, so it’s pretty fun! But, tying to explain to her that making a perfect bound 200 page full colour graphic novel isn’t something you can do in an hour has proven to be interesting.

yes, yes, there are ways you can be crafty and make a perfect-bound book at home, but not with the supplies we have during this time of physical isolation. We’re stuck in our house. We’re burning through our supply of printer paper. I wonder if staples is considered an essential service?

On books

I find academic books to be the worst for this. It’s like, if there are important ideas on a page, apparently the writer doesn’t need to be bothered with trying to organize their thoughts in a way that is appealing. Who is lazy, really: me, for hating a boring book, or the writer who didn’t even try to make it engaging?

I’ve been reading lots this summer. For fun, for school, and for work. My favourite read for fun has been “I want to eat your pancreas”. Strange title, but it’s a really sweet love story (if you don’t mind manga). For school, I’ve enjoyed “Christ’s call to Discipleship”. It’s a book with little fluff and a layout that communicates clearly, it’ll make it a useful reference book in the future. For work, I’ve been on sabbatical and I’ve read a ton… but my favourite read has been “Gospel fluency”. It’s accessible and does what many Christian books don’t do- it presents an idea, and then actually fleshes it out with relevant examples and counterpoint. Imagine that!

some kinda trick question


When I was thinking of how to punch this comic, i had a couple ideas.  the first idea is the one you see presented before you… The second idea, which i actually liked better, was to have charlie say, “is this some kind of a trick question?”  But as I was brushing my teeth, I realized that I would be pretty much verbatim stealing the punch line from a Calvin and Hobbes strip, the one where calvin is pounding nails into the coffee table (oh yeah, the watterson one is WAY funnier).

Have a great weekend everyone!  find some time and read a book, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  and reading is good for the ol’ mind-grapes.

creative writing? more like creative READING



I am currently five books into a series of books that will likely NEVER be finished.  Or at least, never finished in a way that is satisfying.  I’m at the point where I’m questioning why I’m even reading it.

A good book puts you into someone else’s head, and makes you care about them and their experiences and their story.  Even good text books do this, they spur you on to care! to learn more, and to retain the info, so that the world you live in is better understood.  And a good novel has real-life implications, perhaps a perspective gained or an experience shared or whatever. A bad book is just words on a page.

Right now, i’m trying to decide if a good book can become a bad book because of reader fatigue.  Or maybe author fatigue?  The problem with the book series i’m reading is that there are too many details to forget; if i stop reading and take a break, i’ll forget what was going on, and there would be thousands of pages to read to get back up to speed, which would just tire out my imagination yet again.

Anyways, authors out there:  please make sure to finish your stuff.  we’re all counting on you!




It’s easy to agree with people you agree with.  It’s easy to read books you agree with, and build a library of people you agree with.  It’s easy to be pushed further and further into a way of thinking if the argument sits right.

When I disagree with a person’s thesis, or argument, or their books, or their rhetoric, is it my duty to attack?  Or would it be better to say “I disagree” and move on?  Or, is it better to disagree, figure out why, and talk about it?  Or to find some common ground?  OR to figure out what doesn’t sit well, and why it doesn’t, and then make a call?

People will always disagree on everything worth agreeing about because for the most part, people can’t even agree on what’s worth agreeing on.

I don’t like how some people think an opinion is right JUST because someone wrote a book on it!

I think most authors write to try and get people to THINK about what they are writing about, not to have their books used as argumentative trump-cards.   Good books don’t make people turn their brains off.


dreams are weird

Last night, my dreams were bizzare.  Yesterday was my day off, and i must of watched 5 hours of world war two documentaries, I read a little, played some video games, read some novels, read some comics, and drew a WHOLE bunch.  Anyways, I guess that means I had a lot of half-finished thoughts, because you better believe my brain was trying to mend together some of the weirdest trains of thought i’ve ever witnessed.  I’m not sure if that is the widely accepted idea of what dreams are (your brain collecting half finished thoughts and then finishing them so it can rest), but it seems to make a lot of sense to me.  Anyways, the most bizarre dream I’ve ever had.  Oh, and I thought I was awake the entire time.
Good news on the van front!  All that trouble stopping and all that was a few broken bolts on the brakes.  So now I have a van that works again, for hardly any money!  Well, compared to what I thought it was gonna cost, anyways.

my kneeees


Yesterday i helped a friend move into their new house!  this morning, i played tennis at 6:30.  now, as i type this at 9:09 am, my knees have decided to embrace the death they had coming.  it’s not as dramatic as i make it out to be, but my knees are a little sore.  here’s a mark twain quote that inspired this little drawing:

All say, “How hard it is that we have to die” – a strange complaint to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.  ~Mark Twain