Brekke shake up

Greasy, gristley, always tasty, breakfast sausage here to save the day!

Sort of orange, sort of food, probably made of scrapped wood, breakfast sausage: what more can we say?

Does it have any animal DNA?

Breakfast sausage, here to save the dayyyyyy!!!!


2014-2-25So, the other day, I’m sitting in my bed having slept in until a respectable hour (8:30!) playing some portal two (which i just purchased recently for PS3, because it is cheap now!), drinking milk out of a mug and feeling pretty fulfilled in life!  BUT THEN…   I put my milk on my night-stand, and I bumped the handle on the mug, which made me spill milk all over my Nintendo 3DS (which was on the night-stand, charging, which is what it primarily does), and onto the power-bar below my night-stand (which has adapters to charge phones, psp’s, ipads, etc) and then also sorta a bit on the side of the mattress too?  Anyways, it’s impossible to 100% clean up milk.  It kinda just spreads and doesn’t soak up very well… And you can’t just leave it!  But even with effort, milk doesn’t just disappear like water!  no, no.  With time, It starts to smell bad.  like rotten milk.  Because it is rotten milk.

as I’m trying to cover up the mess i made, it occurs to me: THIS IS THE EXACT reason why Diana had previously made that food had to stay in the kitchen, and further, the EXACT reason why Diana had stated she didn’t want me to hook the ps3 up to the bedroom TV!  She didn’t want mugs lying around, just waiting to get spilled and wreck the carpets and whatnot. oh, the horror!

I wanted to cry!  but you know what they say about spilled milk.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


breakfast can be so confusing

2013-11-4Happy Monday everyone!  Hope this week is off to a good start!  I am still tired from the weekend of youth-retreat-ness.  It was a great time.


The rule of toast.


I was trying to think of what to make for a comic today, and then this happened, and then I knew.  I just… I just knew.

And it’s always butter or jam.

this really grates on me

All fart jokes aside, is there anything worse than cutting the cheese first thing in the morning? no.  The only time in my life this has ever been an enjoyable experience is when I would stay at my grandpa and grandma’s house, and they have a piano-wire cheese cutter… that thing slices through medium cheddar like a DREAM.  But I don’t have one of those, we just have a ridiculously equipped cuisinart knife set.  the other day, my loving beautiful wife was carving the core out of an apple with a knife as big as my fore-arm… it’s like, under what circumstance would a knife that large be needed?  Now i’m no Joe-kitchen, but I do understand that larger knives are ideal for things like chopping, but this knife is shaped for stabbing and slashing!  It’s like a dagger.  It might as well be a machete.  In any case, BE CAREFUL in the kitchen you guys.  Boiling water, sharp knives, it’s like a medieval epic in there.