Life hangs in the balance

Sorry for the lack of comic yesterday! I woke up sick (convinced it was food poisoning). I went to work and felt like a zombie, so I went home in the afternoon and slept pretty much until the next morning. Today, I’m pretty much back to normal- one of those 24 hour bugs. Yeesh!

every time I get the flu or a cold or a bug, I get a bit dramatic about mortality. My mind goes to morbid places. Are humans resilient? Probably! Immune systems and whatnot.

Dumb bugs

I could be mistaken, but I feel like they just go where the wind takes them. Also, I learned today that they make for awkward conversation starters. I’m really one of those people that are easier to take if you already know me I guess. I’ll have to work on that. Haha!



Ah yes, the scuttlebutt.  A word that always brings to mind that which i have drawn for you today.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!