REESE’s Peanut butter PUFFS!


reese’s peanut butter puffs breakfast cereal is actually the best cereal ever invented, objectively speaking.  With the competition, like “Quick”, or “nesquick” as they call it now, the selling point was supposed to be that the milk tasted like chocolate milk once you ate the cereal, but we all know… IT WAS A DANGED LIE.  It NEVER tasted like chocolate milk.  It tasted like the same crappy cereal milk you’d get after a box of crispex or corn pops or whatever-the-captain-crunch you might be eating on any given saturday.  Don’t even get me started on corn pops!  What the heck are those supposed to taste like?  Corn syrup?  mission accomplished, but who wants dextrose for breakfast?  But with Reese’s peanut butter puffs breakfast cereal, or RPBPBC for short from here on in, every aspect of consuming it is pure bliss.  Feel like a little icecream?  sprinkle a little RPBPBC on that ol’ vanilla.  feel like a crunchy sandwich?  RPBPBC… with MAYO.  ’nuff said.  I mean, sure, it looks like kibble, but dogs should have it so good!  mmm. RPBPBC: because chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast is one of the reasons i wake up in the morning.