Capri Sun

cg83 100I don’t know if it’s those super cool silver bags, or if it’s the joy of stabbing that yellow straw through the super cool silver bag, or if it’s the actual taste of the juice itself, but one thing is for sure and i feel completely comfortable saying without fear of hyperbole:  Capri sun is by far the greatest type of packaged juice box that has existed, or will ever exist.

But really, most juice boxes are pretty great.

The only exception are the incredibly small kids-sized juice boxes that give you like two slurps… I can’t remember what brand those are, they have like a rabbit on the front? drawn all old-school style?  maybe i’m just going crazy.

Anyways, happy monday!  Hope your week is off to a good start.  Last night I couldn’t sleep at all, and it is 100% because I had a nap yesterday afternoon for at least a couple hours, if not longer.  That wrecks everything!  it woulda been better for me to just suffer through… as it stands, i’m tired two days in a row!  Groggy from the nap, and groggy from restless sleep.

OK!  for real, see yah tomorrow!