boredom becomes you



Celebrities at the Oscars!

The celebrities in attendance that aren’t nominated for anything and the ones that ARE nominated but know that they won’t actually win look a lot like Sunday school kids that are forced to sit through evening vespers.  They attend the ceremony because it is what is expected of them… because “it’s what good Christians do.”

What a shame!

Celebrities at the Oscars look bored.  …celebrity boredom must be the worst kind of boredom.  Imagine, having the means to do almost everything, and not caring to do anything.

Anyways, i feel like this opinion will be an unpopular one… that the oscars are boring.


Congrats to the Grads!

2013-6-10This weekend, I spent 9 hours in high school grad ceremonies!  Gotta say, good job students, you made it!  Now you get to do the rest of life!
It’s bittersweet!  I will really miss seeing the grade 12ers around the youth group.  In any case, hours of these events have really left my mind numb.