Slow down, change!

Nobody was ready for this.

If I’ve learned anything in the last month, it’s that change can happen very fast and sometimes it leaves you flat on your face.

When dinosaurs ruled the earth

Here in Canada, we’re in the “no meetings over 250 people, practice social isolation” stage of Anti-covid-19 measures. It’s strange to think how much can change in a few short days. I’ve heard from friends in Italy how fast it all moves, from ‘it’s no big deal’ to ‘stay in your house for a month’ over a week or two.

it’s inevitable.

2014-9-30oh man.  So, last night, watched grave of fireflies again!  that movie.  it’s got me all thinky.

One of the most exciting and terrifying thoughts i’ve had this week is just how quickly things can get awesome, and how quickly things can fall apart.  Maybe those moments when nothing is happening are actually the moments I should actually be cherishing, and be thankful for.  Change is right around the corner, for better or for worse.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! and don’t watch grave of fireflies if you want to be care-free.