Confessions of a childhood hoarder

2014-6-19tonight, on HOARDERS…  a man is over-sentimental about the thousands of dollars of plastic crap he has sitting in boxes in his garage.  “I don’t want to get rid of it, because i’ll just end up buying it again, and I can’t afford to buy it anymore.”

Then, on a very special episode of INTERVENTION, the SAME GUY’s family sits down to talk to him about is caffeine habit.  “You think your addiction doesn’t hurt anybody… but I can’t even trust you to hold our DAUGHTER, you’re so shaky!”

Have a great thursday everyone!


the death of my imagination

2014-3-11What frontier is there left for man to explore?  Exploring wikipedia is a BORING TRAP that wastes an entire afternoon!  I want to go outside!  I want to find fossils and dragon-bone and dig for buried treasure and, i guess, be a little kid again.  There was so much wonder in the world!  I guess there still is, I just can’t see it, ’cause i’m too fast to google everything.  I guess i’ll have to see the world’s wonder fresh through my daughters eyes, once she’s old enough to go on adventures.

For now, i’m happy to have her lay on her play mat and bat away at the mobile.  …maybe the mobile IS dragons to Josie!  ooh.  GET EM!