Clear as mud

It’s spring break for the kids, and my family had planned on having our vacation time in these next two weeks. We were already planning a staycation, but for us, a staycation usually means sticking around the area, doing all the local tourist things (after all, growing up on the Canadian prairies, people from there would drive out here for their vacations!) and eat a bunch of food and go to the city and just hang out at the coffee shops and the comic shops and the toy stores and just breathe in the busy and do all the things. But!

our stay-cation corresponds with our government’s recommendation of social distancing (and likely soon, if we follow suit of other countries, total isolation with the exception of grocery shopping). We’re two days in, and already the idea of having a bunch of lazy days is a bit difficult for the kids to grasp. They want to do things, because that’s what we usually do on vacation. But there’s a first time for everything.