It’s s winter wonderland

Winter in the Fraser valley! It’s a bit… uh, moody.

big thanks to my friend rick who, after hearing of my t&t woes last week with my having driven to buy noodles that were out of stock, made it a point to Messsage me the next time he stopped at t&t and picked my noodles up for me. There are noodles in the world again!!!

It’s been a while, so here’s a blog post!


Huh!  I guess it’s been a some-what productive month-or-so.

of tweets and twits


Today would have been my Grandpa Shauf’s 100th birthday.  I only have one regret in my whole life, and that is when my Grandpa died, I skipped his funeral.  I had some college thing… i don’t even remember what it was.  What I do remember is that I was young and dumb and didn’t know what I was doing, i didn’t realize the disrespect I was showing to my family… There is really not a whole lot worse a person can do, especially to a member of your own family, than forget.  What’s the take away?  Funerals are important, don’t ever skip them, unless you are a sadist and want regret to be a big part of your life.  

Anyways, my Grandma had Polio, and If my Grandpa knew that people today were refusing vaccines (which, in the town I live in, has caused a measles outbreak, which is concerning to the un-vaccinated, for example, kids under the age of one, aka, many of my friends babies, and my own!), I don’t think he’d be too impressed.  In fact, i assume that he’d be pretty angry.   



Cultus Lake Beach Day!

2013-7-1So, summer hits chilliwack like a ton of bricks!  Seriously came out of nowhere, and it is very welcome to stay for as long as it likes!  Of course, seeing as it is CANADA DAY (woo) and this is a long weekend, I should of suspected that there would be a bit of a line up to get out to the lake…. But I didn’t suspect it, and I didn’t take any of the shortcuts, and it took us a half an hour to get there.  That’s really not that bad, considering when I lived in saskatchewan, it would take me two days of driving to get to cultus… so, you know.
Happy Canada day!  Hope you’re celebrating it in the traditional fashion… BBQ’s, Swimmin, Camping, and complaining about going back to work tomorrow!  😉


this one’s for you, chilliwack…

2013-3-5I feel like I have a legitimate right to complain about people complaining about chlorine in the water.  It’s true that Chilliwack had the second best tasting water in the world, and believe me, our water tasted THAT GOOD!  BETTER then bottled water.  oh man.  people would buy bottled water when they would come and visit me here, and i’d just laugh and say “that was bottled down the street.  Just drink the tap water.”   and they wouldn’t believe me, so i’d flip over the bottle and show them.

I lived in a town called Bienfait, Saskatchewan; a town with so much soda in the water, kool-aid tasted like flat orange crush.  THAT was NASTY water.  It didn’t matter how much you filtered it, how much you chilled it… it tasted awful, always.  They have a right to complain about their water… it was dreadful.  You’d boil some KD and it would come out carbonated (well, no, but, i wonder what that would be like?  is that EVEN POSSIBLE!?)

Now!  Chilliwack:  your water still tastes good!  YES, it does.  Not as good, true, but still good.  Not second-best-in-the-world-good, but it is still bearable.  it is still better then the water that most of Canada drinks, and it is still 100% better then the water that most of our impoverished world drinks.  SO!  Stop complaining, buy a Brita, or you know what, don’t!  It tastes FINE yah big babies.

Having just purchased a home, I now enjoy newspapers dropped on my doorstep!  WOOT!  BUT!  all anyone in Chilliwack cares about is the stupid drinking water, and so, please, people, let’s choose to move on!  Let’s be proactive!  When someone says “our water sucks now” say “How about that sports game?” and change the subject.  Honestly.   I want to read about other things, now that I get newspapers…