Christmas dinner

This comic brought to you by: the fact that I ate more in one meal than I normally do in two days. Merry Christmas!

Creak Crack Hooooo

It was a couple Christmases ago that we had a CRAZY huge snowfall, and a really quick melt (which is common for this part of Canada). ANYWAYS, the morning the snow was melting at an alarming rate, it sounded like someone was on our roof as the massive snow bank melted and slid and creaked and made all kinds of crazy sounds. I actually checked our attic because I thought maybe a raccoon was in there or something and I didn’t want there to be a bunch of damage. It really freaked me out, but I imagined that a kid at Christmas who heard something on the roof would probably be STOKED! And so, my annual attempt at making a one frame cartoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Updates may be sporadic this week. I may upload the huge back-log of space chuck updates that have been slowly accumulating ( over the Christmas week. I’ve gotten really lazy with that. Anyways, I drew this while I was waiting for an appointment this morning, and Now that my brain is sufficiently rested, I should probably get back to work!

That personal touch

To make matters worse, they were amazon affiliate links, meaning she actually makes money when I buy her stuff by clicking on her list!!! Just kidding, but actually that would be a pretty killer scam if you could set it up.


And, to celebrate Christmas, a very special Christmas Grape and square!  certainly, not a true story pulled from my childhood with the names changed to protect people’s identities.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit!

…OK, i MAY have done this as a kid.

answers: why they call it boxing day

2013-12-26at least, its the reason i choose to believe this day is called boxing day.


merry christmas, 2013!


2013-12-25have yourself a merry little christmas, full of love and intelligent conversation!