Timeless truths

Gotta love cliches!
sometimes making comics is therapeutic. It’s a good way to take my mind off of stuff and just relax! This cliche popped into mind because, some days, you just gotta approach the big problems one small bite at a time. In the words of “what about bob” baby steps! In the words of frozen 2, do the next right thing. It all means the same thing- when stuff is overwhelming and you don’t know what to do, just focus on the little thing you can do, and keep doing those little things.

the grass is always greener…

2014-5-28I don’t know what is going on in your life right now, but i can imagine that it is probably a mix of good things and not so good things!  things that you enjoy, and things you’d like to change.

We will always have things we’d like to change…  let’s take a minute to reflect on the things we are blessed with!

Because, even though the grass is greener, there is bear poop on the other side of the fence also.  AND, there are BEARS, by implication.



danger lurks behind your clichés

2014-2-20if everyone actually lived by this philosophy, the results would be anarchy.  What if a serial killer was allowed to live by this philosophy?  I suppose the flip-side of the expression, don’t do whatever feels wrong, isn’t much more helpful… Is it easier to agree on what’s wrong?  because people sure can’t agree on what’s right.


it’s not the answer to everything, you know.

2013-7-17Ah, pithy cliches.  Where would we be without them?