GoGo Weekly May 23rd 2021

Oops, it turns out that I forgot to upload a weekly update last week! Last week was pretty crazy-busy, so I’m not surprised.

Today’s video for drawing along is about BIRDS! Follow along and draw all of the birds you see in the image above! or draw your own birds- birds are great. For Hard Mode I tried something a bit different, I turned it into a colouring sheet. You can download a white-background version to print off, or a transparent .png version to drop into your favourite drawing software!

This is the White background .JPG
This is the transparent Background .png!

Other then that, a couple projects I have on the go at varying stages of completion are (1) the GoGoMachRocketSheep comic strip PRINT collection and (2) the Space Chuck choose-your-own-adventure book!

On (1) I’m just waiting for a couple printing companies to get me proofs- Lulu (who I used to get everything printed through) has gotten VERY expensive. IngramSpark (who I had recommended to me) is cheaper to get printed after an initial set up fee. We’ll see which has the better quality.

On (2) I’ve just started, and that won’t be done for a long time. I’m having an ABSOLUTE BLAST writing it though! I used to DM tabletop roleplaying games, and best I can describe it, writing a choose-your-own-adventure feels very similar to DMing a game, except I can actually make the plot happen without people intentionally sabotaging it. ha!

Thanks for reading! If you watch these videos, consider subscribing on youtube (if you haven’t already). Thanks!


new fear, part two (Coloring sheet link!)



Many times when I am writing these blog posts, i don’t really put a whole lot of thought into them… They are usually some sort of after-thought, or “deleted content” that didn’t make it into the actual comic itself…. And sometimes, I don’t think at all, and get a happy little accident!  Rob Schmidtke, when you posted that phrase yesterday, i laughed pretty hard, and i didn’t remember writing it at all.  I thought it would be kind of fun to make this little poster thing!  If you have a printer and would like to print one off, there is a high-resolution version available here... but you have to color it yourself!  That’s RIGHT!  It’s an old-school coloring sheet!  HAVE A FUN WEDNESDAY!