One can dream

I don’t know how old you have to be to enjoy wheel of fortune, but I haven’t hit it yet. Jeopardy was around twenty seven. Family feud- does anyone really enjoy that show, or is it the game show equivalent of sweet pickles? I mean, does anyone really ever crave a sweet pickle, or do they just pick away at them because someone put them on the table? Real deep thoughts over here at gogomachrocketsheep, you read it here first.

Clear your head

I have a strange relationship with comic making. Years ago, I realized that the process was essential to me maintaining baseline sanity, but recently I’ve realized (yet again) that if the process is ONLY therapeutic, the comics aren’t exactly inspired.

In other words, making comics is a good way to clear my head, but a blank slate doesn’t exactly make for entertaining comics. The sweet spot is where I’ve got enough head space to examine all the ways how everything going on in my life could be seen as ludicrous… that means my head needs to be full enough that I have things I’m thinking about, but still empty enough that I can dedicate some time to picking them apart.

If I have absolutely nothing going on, I find that I sit around wanting to draw something and having nothing to draw from. If I have too much going on, I sit, staring at a blank page, as my mind enters a creative coma. I need to have JUST ENOUGH going on, and I think that’s probably a matter of disciplining my mind to keep things in perspective.

Well, they say write what you know, and I think this comic turned out better then they have in a while.

There’s no escape

This comic might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever made.

This comic was also sort of inspired by don cherry finally getting fired. I mean, I’m not a big hockey watcher, but like 15 years ago the stuff he was saying was pretty borderline.

Confirmation bias

I mean, what’s so great about mashed potatoes and roast beef? Salt is the best part of roast beef.

It’s an addiction

But actually it’s a problem. When I was on sabbatical I spent months learning how to cook a variety of noodle dishes so that a) I could start saving some money cause it was getting out of hand and b) because, if for some reason a couple restaurants were to go out of business my happiness would be in serious jeopardy (so I figured I should take control of my life and get it sorted).

My pad Thai is alright, my ramen is fine, My yakisoba is getting there, rice balls, all that is great. I’ve also managed to make a sort of hybrid spicy peanut garlic thing that works pretty great most of the time, although it resembles none of the dishes it was inspired by. The lack of Asian grocery stores in this city means I was only able to get chilli oil in the last week on a trip in to Vancouver (and it’s changed everything!) but there is one dish that eludes my abilities: DAN DAN NOODLES!

Every time I feel like I find a recipe I can do, it doesn’t taste like Dan Dan. It tastes like glorified itchiban. Every time I find a recipe that looks like it will taste right, it requires so much stuff I can’t purchase locally (or don’t know where to purchase locally) that I get frustrated and it sends me into the spiral of obsessing about noodles. It’s an actual problem. Maybe not in the grand scope of existence, but it certainly is annoying. I mean, okay. It’s not a problem, but it is an obsession!