It was a pretty tense situation

Panels one and two describe a situation that happened today. I was walking along and saw a big red “beware of dog” sign posted on a broken fence, and immediately laughed out loud at the joke in my head. Panel three didn’t happen, but I mean, it was a possibility!


You know what, I might spend a week in space chuck updates here! Or something that can add up to a story. I just finished up playing one of my favourite video games and I’m in the mood for Making something With some continuity. story related for the next little while? Maybe. We’ll see.
Stay safe in this pandemic. I hope everyone who reads this is doing well.

LEGO: it inspires even me

I love LEGO. I love making space ships and robots and cool tanks and all sorts of stuff. I make something cool and keep it on my shelf for a few weeks, and then I tear it down and make something cool again. And now that both my daughters are old enough to enjoy making stuff with LEGO, it’s a pretty easy way to hang out with them.

that being said, I don’t always see what they see. But I suppose that’s the point of LEGO, isn’t it? To teach kids how to envision something and bring it into reality, or to allow a real physical structure assume some imagined form? Both and! LEGO is great. I still don’t know what that was supposed to be though.

Standards change

I really want to make a short comic series about my space chuck people. For a year after I stopped making “charlie and the ghost” and before I started making go go Mach rocket sheep, I made Sci fi stories! You can read them at if you want. I still have a few chapters left that I’ve never posted, come to think of it! I should probably get around to that sometime soon.

anyways, it was a useful shift for me creatively. I had gotten pretty tired of making gag-a-day charlie and the ghost comic strips. I was fresh out of ideas. Shifting to story telling was a lot of fun! But I much prefer working on a comic strip every day, and posting them regularly, then storing it all up and posting it at once. I could do the best of both worlds- slow day is a story I made one comic strip at a time (you can read that if you click the rob’s comics tab at the top of the site). Hmm! Maybe a series about our idiot chuck going on a date would be fun.

Self expression is key

The first thing I feel is “man, this sucks.” And then it’s “I’m thankful that, so far, me and my family aren’t sick with this.” And then it’s “but there are so many who are!” And then it’s “buckle down and do your part so that even more people don’t get sick.” And then it’s “will red robins even be open when this is all over?” Oh man.

I love making comics, it’s a part of my daily routine. I like being able to read them years later- it’s like keeping a diary, but it’s in code, because only I know the fifteen versions of each comic I didn’t make that express different aspects of what I was feeling when I made it. Anyways, it is cathartic, solace inducing.


But for real, it’s the worst. None of the flavours individually actually taste like any of them would taste on their own. Plus, strawberry and vanilla make sense together. Vanilla and chocolate? Totally. That’s a frosty. But something unnatural happens when you put all three flavours together. It’s like, they make each other worse. It’s actually quite a feat, to wreck ice cream. Luckily the kids have horrible taste so it won’t go to waste.