Totally worth it

Totally worth it, 100%. I learned early on in my musical career that, although I had rockstar aspirations, I didn’t have rockstar gumption. I think I’m musically above average, but I’m nothing to write home about.
That being said, I have enough musicality in me to inspire my kids to love music, and that mostly happens through singing stupid songs we make up on the fly. The one mentioned in this comic strip is 100% legit, just throw a line in about baby Jesus (I mean it’s Christmas after all) and bob’s your uncle.

honestly though, between comic making and music making, so far I share 2/2 interests with my daughters, and is there anything better than that?

Capo 3

I went to long and mcquade today to pick up a capo. This comic isn’t Actually much of an exaggeration, I’ve probably bought at least Ten capos in my life. People just borrow them, and they never get returned. Yeesh. And they’re expensive now! Like $25 for the sucky cheapos! Luckily they had a sale on the nicer capo that was going for $23, but still.
anyway, guitar players know that capos are like the mist…. you can see it for a while, but then it vanishes forever.

Herschel hat

I think that, between my fake yeezy’s, my not-skin-tight blue jeans, my appropriately lengthed tshirt and my gangly beard, I was not the type of person he was likely to want to share the bond of hat brotherhood with. To that I say, fair enough. Still though, any delusion I was maintaining that I was relevant has been effectively shattered.

Beauty and the beast

This is not a new critique. Beauty and the beast is the cartoon equivalent of the nightmare of Stockholm syndrome. I sorta want to watch the remake and see if they added more about the process of forgiveness. Whatevs!

Lower mainland weather

One thing I love living in the Fraser valley of bc is the weather is relatively mild. Summers are hot but rarely over 35 Celsius, winters are chilly but not really under -5. It snows, but only enough for it to be a minor inconvenience. Rarely is ice a concern. It’s the best!

That being said, if any sort of weather event DOES happen, we are woefully unequipped to deal with it. If the winds pick up, BAM, 500K people in the lower mainland without electricity. Trees squishing people. If it does snow, well, cancel everything because we don’t have even close to enough plows to get people where they need to go… not to mention the big earthquake that’s expected to happen.

anyways, yesterday I chased my hat across a parking lot like a real life cartoon. Felt great. My pants fell down too.

Hot off the woks

Calm down noodle cowboy. What’s the point of going to a restaurant if all you’re going to do is complain to the server every two seconds about how they made your food wrong? Here’s my theory: they didn’t make your food wrong, you just didn’t know what you were ordering. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable then somebody loudly complaining about their food when there is clearly nothing wrong with the food.