Don’t hustle a hustler


So playing lots of pokemon!  Yellow.  As previously mentioned!  I keep seeing screenshots from the new pokemon game, but most of the screenshots are of people walking around and aren’t of actual battles or anything, so… so far i’m not very tempted to get it.

So in pokemon society, kids and adults alike have basically embraced dog fighting/rooster fighting/that’s actually a pretty terrifying world to live in.  That is part of the inspiration of today’s strange comic.  The other part is just the strange warning found on everything from juice boxes to cereal boxes to anything… you would think this would be an obvious “buyer beware” type of thing.
SO!  AWESOME POKEMON YELLOW MOMENT:  when my Magicarp beat Misty’s Starmie to get the second badge.  my MAGICARP.  That starmie was at like, half health when I sent ol’ Maggie into battle.  It took ten minutes and 9 potions, but victory was sweet, and maggie got to level 19.  We all know what that means, but if you don’t, I will tell you:  That’s when ol’ Maggie, useless Pokemon extraordinaire, turns into GYRADOS, which is a dragon, and is totally awesome.

Hope your Canadian thanksgiving was good!  Have a great week!  😀

it’s so soft!

2013-9-6The quote comes from Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist” which I haven’t read, but fully intend to.  My reading list is way too long right now… I was hoping to hack it down during the summer, but it was not meant to be!  This summer was for video games and movies.

So!  I hope ol’ Paulo never sees this comic, i’m sure it’s the furthest from his intention, but this has happened to me a couple days in a row now (you’d think that i’d just change the roll) and each time this quote popped into my mind, so i figured, maybe it’s share-worthy.

Have a great friday ‘yall!





Sorry for the late update!  I had an early meeting with an hour of freeway-fun, so my draw time turned into drive time.  Hope you’re all having a great thursday!  This comic yet again illustrates why it is good for me to have other people help me with home renos.

Artistic Accomplishment

2013-8-6Most of the artists I admire and would like to be more like are men and women of few words… or, few empty words.  -sigh-


Watterson! I always knew.

Well, today’s strip marks 400!  four hundred strips.
I was a huge calvin and hobbes fan growing up, and now that I am trying to be a cartoonist on some level myself, I can safely say I have come to admire those strips even more!  Such clean pictures, such interesting expressions, such timeless writing!  Some day, maybe i’ll be even a hundredth as good.  Anyways, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and not that an award-winner like that guy needs flattery from a nobody like me, but I draw this as my 400th strip in tribute to the comic strip that really made me fall in love with comics to begin with.