GoGo Weekly: Grogu (Baby Yoda!)

This week, by request, we’re drawing GROGU! Baby Yoda for people with a passive knowledge of Star Wars. Either than drawing a character so iconic, this episode is noteworthy because I take ANOTHER crack at drawing with pastels on a large format and I think I am finally getting better at not distorting the drawing like crazy on a large piece of paper. I’m also getting a handle on making sure I get a variety of ‘colour values’ out of one charcoal pastel. It was a fun one!

I also made a few comics this week!

Another thing I did this week was make a post over at Bored Panda. That was pretty cool- if you found my comics through that article, welcome here! It’s a weird process, submitting to that website- they’re quite hands on with editing, which is sort of a welcome change from most sites that just take whatever you submit and add it to the pile. They definitely know how to make a post more broadly appealing. Also though, they censored my comics like crazy! I had no idea how scandalous my comics are! haha.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a good one and see you next week!