Mable’s a delight, really.

2014-8-6I’ve been trying to bike too and from work at least once a day for the month of august.  Most of the time, it’s been good… I put on an audio book and pedal.  Yesterday it was garbage day, which wasn’t awesome, because as I’m driving i’m catching a whiff of every house’s take out leftovers.  I distinctly remember some sort of curry, lasagne, and one house was particularly citrus-ey.

That which is pictured in the comic also happens with regularity…  those little mobility scooters take up a lot of space in the bike lane.  The bike lane is smoother than the side walk, so I can understand why seniors would use it, the only problem being they aren’t exactly easy to pass, and they don’t drive super consistently.  For example!  sometimes, they just stop.  for no reason.  OR!  they put it in reverse cause they wanted to see something posted on an electric pole.  You can imagine how it might be problematic to have someone you’re following suddenly and without warning throw their vehicle into full-speed reverse.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


A hatred that runs deep.

2014-8-4this comic is 100% based on the real-life conversation I had with my wife.  Well, the conversation anyway, not the situation.

For real though…, travelocity, trivago, hotwire, expedia, red-tag…  All these consolidation websites need a website to consolidate THEM.  That is Diana’s theory anyway.

In any case, make sure you don’t confuse a meeting of your local girl scouts troop as an anger management class… that’s just down-right embarrassing.

Happy monday!  (it’s a stat holiday here in BC!)  have a great week everyone!



2014-7-31get it? get it? it’s super classy.

Happy happy happy happy thursday!!!!


news is scary

2014-7-30Some people treat politics like sports…cheering for their favourite side, citing statistics to bolster their arguments, turning complex situations into bite-sized play-by-play, cheering on their heroes and hissing at the opposition. it makes me SO uncomfortable…  When I am uncomfortable, I tend to make dumb jokes.  This comic is one of those.


It’s a matter of perspective, really.



I guess I should pack more sandwiches for lunch!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Next week, I’ll be away from the computer, but I’ve arranged for there to be a 5-page story arc, one page from monday to friday!  I hope you like it!

inflation due to snarkiness

2014-7-15Oh man!  based on a true story.

We were at a beach and a guy had an icecream cart/bike thing.  He walked by like a million times.  I overheard him talking to a guy, who was asking him all kinds of questions… it turns out that this guy is a career ice-cream cart guy, and had been doing it for thirty years.  He started fresh out of higschool in Toronto working for some big ice-cream company, and started his own business out in these parts after he learned the ropes.

What else?  I was in a dollar store, and I heard an old lady YELL to her husband, HIGHWAY ROBBERY!  I remember when these were FIFTY CENTS!” It was pretty awkward, but she didn’t seem to be embarrassed, she just seemed to be mad that stuff at a dollar store would cost a dollar.

Diana’s friend Jenette was visiting this last weekend!  Lots of fun, and I rediscovered my love of Wes Anderson movies.  We watched life aquatic and rushmore, next up is Moonrise kingdom, Bottle rocket, Royal Tenenbaums, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

What else?  Oh!  I also hate the word “Treat”.  Fun fact!


Mobility is its own reward


Landmarks in mobility, working backwards:
10)  Being able to fly on a plane
9)  Being able to drive a car
8)  Being able to take public transit by yourself
7)  Being able to ride a car without a booster seat
6)  Being able to ride a bike
5)  Being able to walk
4)  Being able to ride in a car without a rear-facing seat
3)  Being able to crawl
2)  Being able to roll consecutively in one direction
1)  Being able to flip-over

According to this chart I JUST made up, Josie is only 8 steps away from MOBILITY DOMINATION.

Lil’ Joe isn’t quite walking, or crawling even… but rolling?  Rolling faster than the speed of safety?  Yep.  She’s got that DOWN PAT.  Constant supervision is required.  Baby-proofing is just around the corner.  Honestly!  why are babies always almost fallin’ off of stuff?  Change-tables, couches, normal-tables, bouncy-seats, chairs…left to her own devices, she would roll out of all of them.  PARENTHOOD, amirite?

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