incompatible standards


So sleepy!  I’ve been getting so used to sleeping in until nine, waking up at 7:00 is not easy.  Huge thanks to all the guys who came over to play brygs and cylons!  It’s ALWAYS a ridiculous time, this time is no different.  Highlights of the evening were when Charles became the president of a stranded derelict battlestar, when Dave shot a box which made the game glitch out and basically made him a superhero for the rest of the game, when kurt built a light cycle, when Jamison penned a mind-controlling pop song, and when Andy’s character… well, everything about Andy’s character is a pleasant memory.  Poor penny, stranded on the planet yet again, left to mother her child.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take one part Battlestar Galactica, one part D&D, and eight parts “let’s see if we can make sure whatever Rob had planned doesn’t happen”, and honestly, the results are about a million times better then what I ever plan.

I’m glad Diana has Paulina to hang out with during these little escapades, I dunna think she’d enjoy herself.

My parents are officially staying at their new house!  which means that their dog charlie is no longer in the house, which means that my dog “coffee”, herein referred to as “coffee-dog”, is ACTUALLY DEPRESSED.  She’s just moping around.  Though I did see that she managed to stash like five chew-sticks in the seam of her pillow-bed-thing, and she has been digging them all up and just comforting herself by eating them like crazy?  Dogs man, they don’t make any sense.


Ghost stories

2013-7-9When I think of the ghost, I have a pretty well established idea of what kind of person I think she is.  Charlie is a bit more obvious, but I don’t think I’ve done as good of a job communicating who the ghost is.  So i’m gonna endeavour to change that.
I don’t do it often enough- thank you everyone who reads this comic!  wether you read it daily or do the ol weekly catch up or just stumble upon it once a month or year, know that I really appreciate you reading it!  Hopefully it’s given you a laugh, or just something other then facebook and reddit to look at.  In any case, thankyou for reading it!


winter is for ovens, summer is for BBQs

2013-7-2Yesterday was a scorcher!  Today will be as well.  Not that I am complaining, it’s been rainy for a long while and it is nice to see some sun!

When I lived in regina, in an apartment, in the summer time, I was a HUGE pain to the rest of my room mates i’m sure because I firmly believed in heat management.  AKA, if it was hot, you had to turn off the lights.  Why?  Because this was back in the day before fancy no-heat LEDs and stuff like that!  If anything, we had SUPER-HEAT-HALOGENS or something.  Lights generate heat.  It made for some dark apartment days.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Cultus Lake Beach Day!

2013-7-1So, summer hits chilliwack like a ton of bricks!  Seriously came out of nowhere, and it is very welcome to stay for as long as it likes!  Of course, seeing as it is CANADA DAY (woo) and this is a long weekend, I should of suspected that there would be a bit of a line up to get out to the lake…. But I didn’t suspect it, and I didn’t take any of the shortcuts, and it took us a half an hour to get there.  That’s really not that bad, considering when I lived in saskatchewan, it would take me two days of driving to get to cultus… so, you know.
Happy Canada day!  Hope you’re celebrating it in the traditional fashion… BBQ’s, Swimmin, Camping, and complaining about going back to work tomorrow!  😉


ALWAYS have netflix on.


Gotta say, if I had a free couple hours every day, I would continue to do these full page strips!  they are a LOT of fun.  It’s a lot of fun to draw with the wacom again!
In reality, Coffee the dog isn’t big enough to knock anything over.  I think I’ve seen her almost knock over a glass of juice precariously perched on the unstable fibres of our living room carpet, but as far as dogs go, Coffee seems to be incredibly aware of everything, and terrified of most of it.  Have a great day everyone!  If you like the strip, consider sharing it on your facebook profile?  Or, purchasing a book in the store?  Both of these things help me to continue makin’ these here strips!


chef gordon ramsey is my homeboy

2013-5-24…pretty sure that would be THE FASTEST way to get kicked off of ANY of the shows that Gordon Ramsey is a part of.  All the food looks so good!  All I know how to make is crepes.  Or “flap jaques”, just incase you didn’t see me make that joke a couple weeks ago.  It still cracks me up, I gotta admit.
The european version of “kitchen nightmares” is one of my favourite “reality tv” shows.  If Gordon Ramsey saw any of the kitchens I worked at in my illustrious cooking career, we would have been on the top of the list to film on the “canadian edition” of kitchen nightmares.  The american version I don’t really like because they focus WAY too much on the drama of people hating each other and not near enough time on Chef Ramsey actually showing people how to improve their restaurants.
Anyhoo, every time I watch any of these shows, I can’t help but think about how badly I would fail in a kitchen competition.  I don’t have a great track record with gourmet cooking.


T3 to the rescue!

2013-5-6So!  Talking around, it’s about a 50/50 split with my friends on whether or not T3 has any kind of effect on people.  This comic is a bit of an exaggeration, but you better BELIEVE that T3 has an effect on me.
When it comes to drugs, even stuff like normal tylenol, I really try not to use it much.  Pepto bismol is the exception to that rule, but I don’t really consider that to be medicinal due to its delicious taste.  I don’t know why I hate taking tylenol, but I REALLY do.  If I have a headache, I’d rather drink lots of water and go to sleep then take some Tylenol and muddle through the day.  If I have a sore shoulder, I’d rather just not use my shoulder.  BUT!
With these pesky wisdom teeth out, I’d be pretty foolish NOT to take pain killers and anti inflammatory stuff.
My jaw isn’t looking as bad as it was, but you better believe my breath smells like death.  I have death breath.