ALWAYS have netflix on.


Gotta say, if I had a free couple hours every day, I would continue to do these full page strips!  they are a LOT of fun.  It’s a lot of fun to draw with the wacom again!
In reality, Coffee the dog isn’t big enough to knock anything over.  I think I’ve seen her almost knock over a glass of juice precariously perched on the unstable fibres of our living room carpet, but as far as dogs go, Coffee seems to be incredibly aware of everything, and terrified of most of it.  Have a great day everyone!  If you like the strip, consider sharing it on your facebook profile?  Or, purchasing a book in the store?  Both of these things help me to continue makin’ these here strips!


chef gordon ramsey is my homeboy

2013-5-24…pretty sure that would be THE FASTEST way to get kicked off of ANY of the shows that Gordon Ramsey is a part of.  All the food looks so good!  All I know how to make is crepes.  Or “flap jaques”, just incase you didn’t see me make that joke a couple weeks ago.  It still cracks me up, I gotta admit.
The european version of “kitchen nightmares” is one of my favourite “reality tv” shows.  If Gordon Ramsey saw any of the kitchens I worked at in my illustrious cooking career, we would have been on the top of the list to film on the “canadian edition” of kitchen nightmares.  The american version I don’t really like because they focus WAY too much on the drama of people hating each other and not near enough time on Chef Ramsey actually showing people how to improve their restaurants.
Anyhoo, every time I watch any of these shows, I can’t help but think about how badly I would fail in a kitchen competition.  I don’t have a great track record with gourmet cooking.


T3 to the rescue!

2013-5-6So!  Talking around, it’s about a 50/50 split with my friends on whether or not T3 has any kind of effect on people.  This comic is a bit of an exaggeration, but you better BELIEVE that T3 has an effect on me.
When it comes to drugs, even stuff like normal tylenol, I really try not to use it much.  Pepto bismol is the exception to that rule, but I don’t really consider that to be medicinal due to its delicious taste.  I don’t know why I hate taking tylenol, but I REALLY do.  If I have a headache, I’d rather drink lots of water and go to sleep then take some Tylenol and muddle through the day.  If I have a sore shoulder, I’d rather just not use my shoulder.  BUT!
With these pesky wisdom teeth out, I’d be pretty foolish NOT to take pain killers and anti inflammatory stuff.
My jaw isn’t looking as bad as it was, but you better believe my breath smells like death.  I have death breath.


Wisdom Teeth are FUN


So, the worst part about sleeping after getting your wisdom teeth taken out- about 4 hours into the sleep, your T3 wears off, the soothing effect of icepacks is gone, and your shirt has gone from a nice white to a gross drool-and-blood-spotted brownish red.  I had grand plans for what this, the last day of my week of vacation, was going to be; i severely underestimated just how painful getting 4 teeth taken out at once is.

I don’t really have headaches anymore though, but i am not optimistic… I think I can’t feel my headache because all I can feel is that my jaw is the size of a VW van.

I’m so bad at being sick.




So today, I am getting all four wisdom teeth out.  HOW ANNOYING.  Well, truth be told, I shoulda got it done years ago.  Hopefully it takes care of all my ear/headache/vertigo issues.  Anyways, this comic happened a couple weeks ago, and I figured today would be a good day for it.


2013-5-1I am so bad at waiting for surprises…  And when someone tells me that one is coming, oh man!  Whenever anything happens to me, i’m like, “Was this it?  was this the surprise?  is it happening NOW!?  yay!  oh- wait? no? OH MAN.”  And it is a legitimate source of bizarre Shauf-anxiety.  Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing!


class act all the way

2013-4-5Ever since i’ve made the switch from the old art style to the new one, for some reason, many of these comics are a lot more…  journal-style then they were before.  And by journal-style, i mean, happened to me at some point in the last week or so, and i thought it might make a good comic.  Why, this one happened just yesterday!  It’s SO embarrassing.
Anyways, here at, we’re always pushing the boundaries of classiness.  When we make a poop joke, we make sure to make it relatable… right?  At least, I hope other people can relate to how awful this is.  Maybe i just have some weird neurosis.