Wisdom Teeth are FUN


So, the worst part about sleeping after getting your wisdom teeth taken out- about 4 hours into the sleep, your T3 wears off, the soothing effect of icepacks is gone, and your shirt has gone from a nice white to a gross drool-and-blood-spotted brownish red.  I had grand plans for what this, the last day of my week of vacation, was going to be; i severely underestimated just how painful getting 4 teeth taken out at once is.

I don’t really have headaches anymore though, but i am not optimistic… I think I can’t feel my headache because all I can feel is that my jaw is the size of a VW van.

I’m so bad at being sick.




So today, I am getting all four wisdom teeth out.  HOW ANNOYING.  Well, truth be told, I shoulda got it done years ago.  Hopefully it takes care of all my ear/headache/vertigo issues.  Anyways, this comic happened a couple weeks ago, and I figured today would be a good day for it.


2013-5-1I am so bad at waiting for surprises…  And when someone tells me that one is coming, oh man!  Whenever anything happens to me, i’m like, “Was this it?  was this the surprise?  is it happening NOW!?  yay!  oh- wait? no? OH MAN.”  And it is a legitimate source of bizarre Shauf-anxiety.  Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing!


class act all the way

2013-4-5Ever since i’ve made the switch from the old art style to the new one, for some reason, many of these comics are a lot more…  journal-style then they were before.  And by journal-style, i mean, happened to me at some point in the last week or so, and i thought it might make a good comic.  Why, this one happened just yesterday!  It’s SO embarrassing.
Anyways, here at charlieandtheghost.com, we’re always pushing the boundaries of classiness.  When we make a poop joke, we make sure to make it relatable… right?  At least, I hope other people can relate to how awful this is.  Maybe i just have some weird neurosis.


guilt trippin’ ambulance ride

cg82 100

(edit #1- here’s a fun game: count how many times i say “i mean” in this post.  yikes…)

so, my hunt for new podcasts has lead me to realize that there are many people in this world with mac computers and something on their mind and a soothing voice to record their thoughts for the world.  OH MAN, there are SO many podcasts! Who could POSSIBLY be listening to all of them?  Well, i mean, i guess not everyone listens to EVERY single one of them, but i mean… some of these?  Who would EVER listen to these?  But i guess, somewhere, in internetland, there is enough people to sustain any odd community.  Isn’t that the magic of the internet?
I mean, now that i think about it, take my comic for example!  I really appreciate everyone who reads my scribblings!  Thanks so much for reading this strip!  knowing that people read it is enough to keep me making it, and i know that i’m improving the more that I do it.  Thanks so much!  hopefully it brings a smile to your face!
So, just a reminder for the peeps that check back every once in a while but probably have no clue as to what is happening in the story, if you have a free twenty minutes and nothing to do, maybe it’s a slow day at the office, click the “Slow day” tab at the top of the page!  It is every strip in this story line to this point.  today is the 82nd strip in this story line, which means there are 18 left!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!?  actually, i know what’s going to happen.

ain’t I a stinker?

cg62a 100

I actually really like this one.  I’ve actually been really liking this lately…  This comic, the story line.  I sound surprised, maybe?  I guess any time I get attached to a creative project, especially when it takes a lot of work and i spend so much time dwelling on it and trying to make it happen, I go through stages of loving it, and hating it, and wishing it was something it wasn’t, and being satisfied with it, and etc.   It feels better then the gag-a-days i used to do with these characters, mostly because i don’t think gag-a-days make sense when you have specific characters pulling them off?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to think that through, cause there are aspects of discontinuity that are attractive.  Right now, i feel pretty good about what this strip is…  I just wish it was more accessible.  I want it to be good, and I think it’s getting there… a good comic strip with good art and good writing and good jokes and a worth while read.
If this is the first comic you’ve read of this series, i want to point out that if you click the “Snow day” link at the top of the page, it will take you to a mega-page that has the entire storyline laid out for ease of readability!  it’ll take a while to load.
So one thing that is difficult is remembering to draw any modifications i’ve made to any of these characters.  For example, for charlie, I keep forgetting to draw the rips in the back of the shirt.  I found out that those rips are 3 kilobytes, and i know this because the first version of the comic, i forgot to draw em in.  It’s not that big of a deal, but it is something i should remember to do for consistency’s sake.  Persephone’s purse or bag or whatever is another thing i keep forgetting to draw, and having to go back and put it in.  Also, apparently the first few comics of this year, i drew a year in advance, because I keep forgetting that it is 2013.
2012 was just such an epic sounding year!  the WORLD was supposed to end, so, you know, that tends to make it a year that is easy to remember… but 2013?  meh.