because, science.

2014-8-28every time that commercial comes on, i make this joke inside my head.  I figured I should get it down on paper.

it’s a cheesy joke, i know, but as you probably know by now, cheese is my bread and butter.

My free Rdio music listens ran out.  I’ve had access to Rdio since I bought my surface for drawing on, and my surface has absolutely no music stored on it, which means that I don’t have music to draw to.  -sad-

Have a great thursday everyone!  the summer is almost over.  Craziness.


it’s good to be back

2014-7-28It was a great week away from the computer!  I spent it working with kids in vancouver’s downtown east-side with our youth group.  It was a lot of fun, i’m super proud of our youth and leaders who did such an amazing job.  The kids we got to work with were great, I miss them so much already!

Thanks so much everyone for indulging me in a little sci-fi scenerio for a week.  Stories are a lot of fun to do, and I really like Sci-fi.  The last story I did with Charlie and the Ghost was “slow day”, which is collected in a book, which is in my lulu store.  I started that story a couple years ago!  wow!  Time flies!

Once I get my new collection of 400 comics done, I am considering doing a graphic novel set in the “Space Chuck” universe.  The big thing i’m going to do differently from slow day is I’d be making a page a day instead of three panels a day, which I think i’m ready for in terms of time.

Anyways!  It’s good to be back!  let’s all go outside and say no to summer-time TV.


Tide commercials

2013-11-13Ghost’s question isn’t just addressed to charlie.  Tide commercials are ridiculous…  their demographic is poor people, or recently poor’d people.  I’ve seen a couple commercials, one to a “recently singled mom”, which is a desperate plea for people to not stop using tide?  and one about a “young up-and-comer-couple” who quit their corporate job and found out that it’s tough doing a start-up… BUT WE’RE GLAD WE DIDN’T STOP USING TIDE!  seriously?  man.  I’m all for “more expensive detergent = ACTUALLY cleans clothes = only have to buy one bottle as opposed to 15 bottles of cheap detergent” or whatever…  There’s at least some logic to that… but that’s not the angle in these commercials.  The angle is “my life is falling apart, but at least we have TIDE.”   Tide is the rock of our salvation.  Maybe i’m getting a little dramatic.  meh.


Cha cha cha! Charmin!

2013-6-5I’m a sucker for a commercial with bogus claims JUST BEGGING you to put stuff to the test.  I WANT to be able to wash my dishes with paper towel!  But would I ever actually DO it?  hmm.  Anyways.


Every commercial on TV right now.

Full credit for this abomination goes to Diana, my loving wife!  We recently got cable, and we’ve been noticing some things about the commercials.  First, if there is any way for a company to prey on sentimentality, they will.  I’ve seen commercials illustrating and outlining the importance of a functioning family unit… and they were selling GASOLINE.  Not even gasoline… just the oil industry in general.
Anyways, Second, it is very much specific to the channel and the demographic they think they are reaching… we watch a lot of DIY stuff, and every one of those shows is SURROUNDED by yogurt-that’ll-help-you-poop commercials.  So I guess they are reaching out to people who can’t poop and need to fix their houses.

The reason it annoys Diana is because the commercials go something like this:
Person A-  “Hey, watcha got there?”
Person B-  “Oh, you know, just (Brand of yogurt).  It has Active cultures, (insert medical jargon), (insert more medical jargon), It’s probiotic, it’s got REAL FRUIT, and (it will cure some common ailment), PLUS, it tastes guilt-free-great!
Person A-  “Cool!  My life is enriched by this knowledge, and I will participate in the yogurt revolution.
Person B-  “It also comes in a TUBE!  For Yogurt on the go.”
Man.  They need to make Yogurt exciting!  Put some explosions in those commercials; that’s what’ll happen to the depths of your bowel upon consuming it. There are four different brands that all use this EXACT same commercial formula.

The third thing we’ve noticed about commercials:  actually, we just PVR and fast forward.  I honestly still watch netflix more then TV because the commercials annoy me that much.